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Article: Which handbag to choose and for which occasion?

Quel Sac à Main Choisir et pour quelle occasion ? - Loëla
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Which handbag to choose and for which occasion?

Convenient for carrying all our gear and essential for completing a look, the handbag is a must-have: you can't do without it! It accompanies us on a daily basis, it is in a way our best friend. An irresistible urge to treat yourself to a new bag ? 👜 To find the ideal hand accessory, you have to take into account many criteria: sizes, shapes, materials, styles, colors, etc. Let's see together which handbag to choose according to your needs! ⬇️

How to choose your handbag? Preferred models

There are a multitude of sizes, cuts and shapes of handbags. Hard to find! Before carrying out your shopping mode session and buying your future companion, you must determine the perfect model.

Which handbag size should I choose?

Depending on your needs, go to the one that will be the most useful!

  • bag: a half-moon bag with a handle;
  • pouch: a small accessory to carry in the hand or on the shoulder;
  • schoolbag: a large rectangular model;
  • bum bag: a mini bag attached like a belt;
  • backpack: a practical model to carry on your back;
  • tote bag: a large, wide format that is easy to carry;
  • satchel: a large flap bag;
  • bucket bag: a small format resembling a purse.

Are you the far-sighted type? 🔮 Wallet, memo, pens, snacks, laptop, phone charger, make-up bag, medicine boxes... in short, you carry all your life in this leather accessory ! We recommend that you opt for a large model: messenger bag, satchel or tote. Are you more of the style to take only the essentials? Adopt a trendy mini format such as the bag bucket or banana.

Choose your handbag according to your morphology 🧍‍♀️

In order for your bag to emphasize your silhouette, give you allure and enhance you, it is important to choose it according to your morphology.

Are you short? Bet on mini templates: bags very popular at the moment such as banana models or clutches. The small sizes will harmonize with your height. You are tall ? Dare to wear oversized bags to enhance your slender silhouette! Are you round? Go for a model worn by hand or on the rectangular shoulder that will enhance your shapes. Are you slim? Choose round bags or seals to give volume to your morphology.

Sac à main tendance

Which materials to adopt and which handbag colors to choose?

When you ask yourself which handbag to choose, you have to take into account both the cut and the material! A quality textile will give your bag a chic look as well as great resistance. You will therefore be able to keep your companion longer! 👌

Here are the different materials to consider when buying a handbag:

  • the essential and timeless leather, preferably natural;
  • nylon, a resistant material;
  • cotton canvas, a thick and soft fabric;
  • linen, a silky textile;
  • suede, a fashionable material.

💡 To prolong the life of your leather goods, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, the same with water Also remember to store it properly in a clean, dry place.

Between simplicity and originality, does your heart hesitate? Determine if you need a timeless bag for everyday life or a more extravagant model to allow you to splurge and boost a look! For the more shy or non-collectors of bags, bet on plain and elegant colors (grey, black, camel, beige or nude) as well as beautiful finishes: a pretty round buckle, a golden detail on the front of the bag, a pretty closure, small fringes, etc. Eccentricity doesn't scare you? Indulge yourself with atypical patterns and prints: animal, geometric, floral, etc. Also dare to color with flash, pop and vitamin shades! 🌈 Pair this accessory with a timeless outfit for a punchy touch.

Sac à main imprimé animal léopard

Which handbag to choose for which occasion? Our advice

We don't wear the same handbag during an evening with our friends as during a professional meeting! It is therefore important to take this criterion into account before your purchase. For what occasion will you wear your bag? Here are our tips according to different events!

Which handbag should you choose to go to work, go to a meeting or during a job interview? We choose a quality aesthetic bag, both discreet and chic: a beige leather bucket bag, a rigid patent leather satchel or a nude shoulder bag.

For a trip to town or a shopping session, opt for a trendy and practical piece: a black banana model or a colorful and sparkling micro bag (blue, red or green). ✨ During a night out with friends in a bar or an invitation to dinner in a restaurant, we put on a small original and shiny clutch or a pretty messenger bag with a golden chain. 👝

During a weekend getaway or a family vacation, the backpack will be the travel accessory ideal for slip in what you need: laptop, purse, plans, maps, first aid kit, bottles, lunch box, etc.

For the wedding of your sister or your best friend, adopt a beautiful clutch or rhinestone clutch to make a splash! A date ? A clutch or nude minaudière will also be perfect to brighten up your romantic look without overdoing it! ❤️

Pochette soirée dorée

You should now be able to choose the perfect bag for your needs! Head over to our eshop without further delay to discover our magnificent pieces of leather goods! 😍


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