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NewCeinture Maryam NOIR - GRACE ET MILA Ceinture pour femme
Maryam Belt Sale price15,00 €
Foulard Manet BEIGE - GRACE ET MILA Foulard pour femme
Manet scarf Sale price15,00 €
Sold outSac Jim CROCO FUCHSIA - LA PETITE ETOILE Sac à main pour femme
Jim bag Sale price149,99 €
Ceinture Cassia CAMEL - LA PETITE ETOILE Ceinture pour femme
Cassia Belt Sale price59,99 €
Ceinture Idona CAMEL - LA PETITE ETOILE Ceinture pour femme
Idona Belt Sale price59,99 €
Ceinture Coral ARGENTE - LA PETITE ETOILE Ceinture pour femme
Coral Belt Sale price55,99 €
Sac James CAMEL - LA PETITE ETOILE Sac à main pour femme
James bag Sale price179,99 €
Ceinture Alary MUGUET - LA PETITE ETOILE Ceinture pour femme
Alary Belt Sale price25,99 €
Ceinture Malo KHAKI - MARADJI Ceinture pour femme
Malo belt Sale price85,99 €
Sold outBriny Purse Duo
Briny Purse Duo Sale price20,00 € Regular price55,99 €
Sold outBracelet Amok Serpent CACTUS - ARGELOUSE Bracelet pour femme
Bracelet Amok Snake Sale price25,00 € Regular price49,99 €
Grand Cabas Loëla - LOELA SELECTION SAC A MAIN pour femme
Loëla Large Tote Bag Sale price9,99 €
Montre Nova Noir PERLON KAKI - LAPS Montre pour femme
Nova Black Watch Sale priceFrom 129,00 €
Web ExclusiveBoucles D'oreilles Siloé MORDORE - ARGELOUSE Boucles d'oreilles pour femme
Siloe Earrings Sale price24,50 € Regular price49,00 €
Joncs Tika strass CIEL - ARGELOUSE Bracelet pour femme
Rhinestone Tika bangles Sale price14,50 € Regular price29,00 €
Jonc Tika Point ROSE - ARGELOUSE Bracelet pour femme
Tika Point bangle Sale price14,50 € Regular price29,00 €
Jonc Tika Rainbow VERT TENDRE - ARGELOUSE Bracelet pour femme
Tika Rainbow bangle Sale price19,50 € Regular price39,00 €
Montre Prima Oria IVOIRE - LAPS Montre pour femme
Prima Oria Watch Sale price149,00 €
Montre Save Water PERLON OLIVE - LAPS Montre pour femme
Save Water Watch Sale price129,00 €
Montre People Perlon gris GRIS - LAPS Montre pour femme
People Perlon gray watch Sale price129,00 €
Montre Social Perlon Bleu cobalt BLEU COBALT - LAPS Montre pour femme
Social Perlon watch Cobalt blue Sale price129,00 €


To accompany your new trendy clothes and perfect your look, treat yourself to a stylish accessory! From vintage handbags to chic glasses and delicate jewellery, find the accessory that will complete your style in the best possible way. Did you know that the accessory makes the look?

The fashion accessory: the most important element of the look

In fashion, there is the art of dressing and the art of adorning oneself. Would you wear your clothes and shoes without a belt, without a scarf, without jewelry, without a handbag? No, and that's why accessories are now essential elements to complete your outfit. In fact, accessories are often considered the most important elements of a look.

At Loëla, we put our know-how at your disposal so that you learn to be fashionable in all circumstances.

From tote bags to micro clutches, let's be honest, no woman can do without a handbag!

Which accessory should you choose to complete your outfit?

Women's accessories are becoming more and more important in terms of style and have always more influence. Today, we adapt our shopping budget so that it includes not only the outfit itself but also and above all the accessories that will sublimate it. In terms of accessorizing, diversity, there are! Above all, you are free to mix and match trends to achieve your own style.

All the small leather goods you need are available at Loëla: handbags, purses and purse. Choose a belt, scarf or hat to elegantly dress your upper body.

Go for retro glasses or jewellery thin and discreet that illuminates your face or a very classy watch that highlights your wrist.

Trendy women's accessories of the moment

Adopt a casual look with a camel suede satchel that you wear over the shoulder with plenty of length over a ruffled skirt. An even more bohemian look? Opt for a pretty natural stone necklace, a small braided leather bag and a beige elastic belt that you will wear over a long printed dress.

Finally, for a top-trend urban outfit, you opt for a loose sweatshirt over slim jeans that you embellish with a small woven straw pocket.

You got it, your clothes and your shoes are all important. But fashion accessories are the must-have in your wardrobe to impress!