Clothing made in France

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What is "Made in France"?

In Europe, the indication of the origin of the product is optional (for non-food products). The tradespeople may or may not choose to include this mention. The manufacturers may decide to affix the mention "made in France" if the rules of origin codified by the customs services are respected. The finished product called "made in France" must then display a specific customs code for its non-French components and comply with a maximum threshold of non-French components depending on its price.

Did you know that 25% of French people would be ready to pay more for a product if it is stamped "made in France" ?

What are the “Made in France” brands in our collection?

Because we are sensitive toecological impact that generates the export and because we support a maximum the economy of our country, we carefully select many items from among our favorite brands "Made in France". 

Our “Made in France” clothing collections are made with branded products from French designers that we love. Among them, you will find Vintage love, Happy, The Little Flowers, Lenny b, Opullence, Jane wood, and many others. These French brands treat us, each in their own way, offer us their touch of originality and their know-how through quality clothing.

What are you waiting for to fall for a clothing "Made in France" ?