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NewJupe Atlas MARINE - YCOO Jupe pour femme
Jupe Atlas Sale price49,99 €
NewJupe Mutine NOIR - GRACE ET MILA Jupe pour femme
Jupe Mutine Sale price55,50 €
NewJupe Morissette ROUGE - GRACE ET MILA Jupe pour femme
Jupe Morissette Sale price45,00 €
NewShort Milo ROSE - GRACE ET MILA Short pour femme
Short Milo Sale price39,00 €
NewShort Mignon BLEU - GRACE ET MILA Short pour femme
Short Mignon Sale price69,00 €
NewShort Miam BEIGE - GRACE ET MILA Short pour femme
Short Miam Sale price39,00 €
NewJupe Gala ROUGE - YCOO Jupe pour femme
Jupe Gala Sale price54,99 €
NewJupe Ava MULTICO - OPULLENCE Jupe pour femme
Jupe Ava Sale price104,99 €
Jupe Jury ABRICOT - ANGE Jupe pour femme
Jupe Jury Sale price69,99 €
Combishort Malya NOIR - Loëla Combinaison pour femme
Combishort Malya Sale price44,99 €
Jupe Sunset FUSHIA - Loëla Jupe pour femme
Jupe Sunset Sale price29,99 €
Short Solari RAYE - LA PETITE ETOILE Short pour femme
Short Solari Sale price69,99 €
Jupe Juberra ROUGE - LA PETITE ETOILE Jupe pour femme
Jupe Juberra Sale price69,99 €
Jupe Kate ROSE - OPULLENCE Jupe pour femme
Jupe Kate Sale price95,00 €
Jupe Mae BLEU - OPULLENCE Jupe pour femme
Jupe Mae Sale price105,99 €
Jupe Farah CAMEL - Loëla Jupe pour femme
Jupe Farah Sale price39,99 €
Sold outJupe Benedicte NOIR - YCOO Jupe pour femme
Jupe Benedicte Sale price49,99 €
Combishort Aicha BLEU - Loëla Combinaison pour femme
Combishort Aicha Sale price69,99 €
Jupe Doriane MULTICO - Loëla Jupe pour femme
Jupe Doriane Sale price39,99 €
Short Lino FUCHSIA - MARADJI Short pour femme
Lino shorts Sale price59,99 €
Jupe Johannesbourg IMP MARKET - LAUREPLUSMAX Jupe pour femme
Johannesburg Skirt Sale price85,00 €
Jenny skirt Sale price70,00 €
Jully skirt Sale price85,00 €
NewJupe Joy IMP LAGUNE - LAUREPLUSMAX Jupe pour femme
Joy skirt Sale price80,00 €
Jupe Judy VERT - LAUREPLUSMAX Jupe pour femme
Judy skirt Sale price75,00 €
Short Guenola NOIR - SEEUSOON Short pour femme
Guenola shorts Sale price69,99 €
Short Gianina VIOLET - SEEUSOON Short pour femme
Gianina shorts Sale price59,99 €
Jupe Gina ROUGE - SEEUSOON Jupe pour femme
Gina skirt Sale price65,99 €
Jupe Maxime INDIGO - ORFEO Jupe pour femme
Maxime skirt Sale price75,00 €
Short Daysi JAUNE - ORFEO Short pour femme
Daysi shorts Sale price59,00 €

Skirt and Shorts

The beautiful season is coming, it's time to think about skirts and shorts! Symbols of coquetry and lightness, the skirts in our selection will subtly reveal your pretty legs while enhancing your silhouette. Perfect for sporting different looks, this clothing for women is very easy to combine with all the basics of our wardrobe. As for women's shorts, they bring a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe. We love wearing them to go to the office or stroll on weekends!

The skirt and its many facets

Any occasion is a good time to wear a skirt. Our selection of skirts with worked finishes can be worn in all circumstances, both at work and when dining out. You have the choice: preppy, rock, classic, bohemian look... At Loëla, we offer you different styles to vary your pleasures. In turn, we surf on casual classic as well as uninhibited chic.

In mini mode, there are ruffles, imitation leather, flowing denim skirts to meet all the expectations of fashionistas who love short skirts that lengthen the silhouette! The top: match your short skirt with a pretty sweater women's oversize.

Irresistible and timeless, the long skirt is endlessly available: sometimes pleated, sometimes fitted and split at the front. We also love them with loose cuts and golden sequins for a 100% glamorous note. Adopted by the slender silhouettes, the midi dress that is worn high waist, lets glimpse the curve of the calf ensuring you a gait full of grace.

Shorts for women: elegance and relaxation

Sure value in fashion, summer and winter, they are our allies! When the good weather arrives, you show off your legs, and when the air gets colder, you wear the women's shorts with a shirt long women's To feel comfortable and sexy at the same time, watch out for the odd ones. Be sure to wear your well-cut shorts, they should not be tight at the thighs. Women's shorts are the perfect alternative to showing off your legs if you don't like wearing skirts. Truly feminine, but not too much, they will allow you to fully assume your boyish side while remaining glamorous! Open sandals, sneakers, pumps, we associate them with almost all shoes! To be comfortable and trendy, Loëla recommends fluid shorts with elastic at the waist, or loose high-waisted shorts. For elegance in all circumstances, the rolled up chino cut shorts will be very pleasant to wear. Combine it with a women's long blazer for a top look!

Are you more pants? Well, quickly discover our collection of women's chinos!