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Zag jewelry: history of the brand

Zag is a trendy jewelry brand that has been around for over 25 years. The brand was invented by Michèle, a Parisian designer. Of Chinese origin, Michèle was able to give this Asian impulse to her totally cute jewelry. On the one hand, we find Paris for its style, modernity, elegance and on the other, we find China for the quality of its materials and workmanship. 

The Zag jewelry are offered in many retailer shops throughout France, and of course, in your favorite women's fashion store, Loëla

Who are the Zag jewelry collections for? Well, to all women who care about the quality of the products they wear, to women who have style and above all, to women who love beautiful, inexpensive jewelry.

Zag bijoux boutique: quality and style!

Zag is the first jewelry brand to have embarked on the creation of surgical steel jewelry. This material was revolutionary at the time (and still is today!). Why ? Know that you do not risk any allergies with this material. It is also unalterable, your jewelry will experience a long life. In addition, no need to remove your rings when washing your hands, all Zag jewelry is stainless.

Let's be honest, this is clearly what motivates us to continue working with our signature jewelry brand: durability, reliability and great pieces. All the stylish Zag jewels that we offer are gilded with fine gold, we totally fall for these confections. 

Bracelet, ring, necklace, earrings, fine and delicate jewelry at low prices. Blow of heart guaranteed!

Zag jewelry is great to give as a gift, it is always a pleasure because you are aiming right. On the one hand, you don't draw too much from your wallet, on the other hand, they appeal to the greatest number.

Zag eshop jewelry: the collections

The advantage of the Zag brand is that you can match, combine, combine, juggle, harmonize…! Of choice, it is certain, the objective is to beautify women, to make them feminine, hot, crisp. This is why the Zag collections offer you mixtures of materials and colors that are always innovative and sensational. Semi-precious stones mixed with steel, seashells, pearls, charms and funky colors, we literally fall in love with these adjustable stainless steel jewelry.

We love: superimposing the Zag bracelets, multiply Zag rings, adorn yourself with a Zag necklace multirang or long necklace, or even sport a pair of Zag earrings glamorous and radiant!

In your Zag eshop, you will always find new collections, novelties, and even Zag jewelry on sale (especially during Black Friday)! Everything to complete your jewelry box or to please by offering a costume jewelry that will please 100%!