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Combinaison Gwennoline ROSE - SEEUSOON Combinaison pour femme
Gwennoline jumpsuit Sale price89,99 €
Sold outVeste Gennifer LIGHT VERT - SEEUSOON Veste pour femme
Gennifer Jacket Sale price99,99 €
Pantalon Gersande NOIR - SEEUSOON Pantalon pour femme
Gersande pants Sale price79,99 €
Pantalon Gwen VIOLET - SEEUSOON Pantalon pour femme
Gwen pants Sale price75,99 €
Short Guenola NOIR - SEEUSOON Short pour femme
Guenola shorts Sale price69,99 €
Pantalon Griselda ORANGE - SEEUSOON Pantalon pour femme
Griselda pants Sale price75,99 €
Sold outPantalon Godolieba LIGHT VERT - SEEUSOON Pantalon pour femme
Godolieba pants Sale price75,99 €
Pantalon Glad CARAMEL - SEEUSOON Pantalon pour femme
Glad pants Sale price65,99 €
Pantalon Ginnie VIOLET - SEEUSOON Pantalon pour femme
Ginnie pants Sale price79,99 €
Short Gianina VIOLET - SEEUSOON Short pour femme
Gianina shorts Sale price59,99 €
Sold outPantalon Germana JAUNE - SEEUSOON Pantalon pour femme
Germana pants Sale price69,99 €
Sold outPantalon Georgette BRICK - SEEUSOON Pantalon pour femme
Georgette pants Sale price65,99 €
Sold outPantalon Gasparine VERT - SEEUSOON Pantalon pour femme
Gasparine pants Sale price79,99 €
Jupe Gina ROUGE - SEEUSOON Jupe pour femme
Gina skirt Sale price65,99 €
Sold outRobe Gloria NAVY - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Gloria dress Sale price99,99 €
Robe Giulia JAUNE - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Giulia dress Sale price89,99 €
Robe Gienowefa ROUGE - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Gienowefa dress Sale price89,99 €
Robe Geronia CARAMEL - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Geronia dress Sale price89,99 €
Robe Gemila PURPLE - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Gemila dress Sale price89,99 €
Sold outRobe Guilmette NOIR - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Guilmette dress Sale price99,99 €
Sold outRobe Ginnette BRICK - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Ginnette dress Sale price89,99 €
Robe Gislhaine JAUNE - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Gislhaine dress Sale price99,99 €
Robe Gerlinde ROSE - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Gerlinde dress Sale price75,99 €
Robe Glenda NOIR - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Glenda dress Sale price89,99 €
Robe Gratiane PURPLE - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Gratiane dress Sale price69,99 €
Chemisier Gena ROUGE - SEEUSOON Top pour femme
Chemise Gena Sale price65,99 €
Top Giovana JAUNE - SEEUSOON Top pour femme
Top Giovana Sale price55,99 €
Sold outTop Gulden NAVY NOIR - SEEUSOON Top pour femme
Top Gulden Sale price59,99 €
Sold outBlouse Gladis ROUGE - SEEUSOON Top pour femme
Blouse Gladis Sale price65,99 €
Sold outTop Gwennez NOIR - SEEUSOON Top pour femme
Top Gwennez Sale price79,99 €

Brand: See U soon

See U Soon brand: French elegance

Created in 2006, See U Soon develops cutting-edge fashion that is accessible to everyone! Calling all fashionistas, you're going to fall for this French brand of clothing! Are you always looking for the latest trendy pieces and love to play with fashion codes? See U Soon will be your ally to shine every day, and even on festive occasions! This brand subtly mixes elegant vintage and casual contemporary cuts: a mix at the forefront of trends! She offers us pretty nuggets to create a varied dressing room, all designed in soft, natural and high quality materials. In addition to beautifying you, you will be comfortable all day in your outfits! This brand is aimed at all women, regardless of age and style preferences. With See U Soon, compose your own looks and create beautiful outfits!

See U Soon boutique: a casual-chic collection to adopt

Retro and vintage styles are becoming more and more popular in our wardrobes. Seen in many catwalks, this style has a huge success in the fashion world! See U Soon has therefore placed sixties and seventies cuts at the heart of its brand. Its collection consists of original, classic and chic models. Its lines are always structured and ensure great elegance. The fashion pieces of the brand also adapt to all situations! Whatever the occasion, you will be sublimated in the pieces See U Soon!