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Our selection of small leather goods is open to you. Discover carefully selected models: from the great companion to the small round purse including the handy card holder, Loëla is at the rendezvous of style and femininity. Which wallet will you choose?

The purse: a small essential accessory

We like to see him go off the beaten track with original themes. We also like to see it in a mini version and be able to slip it into any handbag. We also love the XXL models where you can store everything: coins, tickets, cards, tickets, etc. Sometimes practical, sometimes discreet, sometimes aesthetic, what is certain is that you cannot do without a wallet! 

To meet your expectations, we have chosen practical and trendy purses from French and European designers. Discover the colorful models Mila Louise and Crazy Lou to eat, and the pretty Maradji pieces to adopt without delay.

Among our selection, find the trendy colors of the moment: gold, camel, brick and think of matching your small purse to your pouch !

Wallet, wallet, card holder: what to choose?

Ah, big question! The answer is vast and it would be tempting to answer that all of these models are useful, as much as any other. accessory besides! The question to ask yourself then is: why am I going to use it? Is the goal to bring together as many elements as possible into one big, loyal (but relatively bulky!) Companion? Do you prefer to have a small wallet to slip a few coins inside + the matching card holder? 

Every woman has her habits and whatever the case, the priority will be to adapt your wallet to your handbag. Do not try to fit an XXL wallet in a pocket. Conversely, avoid having to search for hours for your micro-wallet in the bottom of your large canvas tote bag! Conclusion ladies, you need several models ...

How about choosing a pair of glasses trendy or a pretty jewel to complete your outfit?