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Chemisier Guinia JAUNE - SEEUSOON Top pour femme
Chemise Guinia Sale price59,99 €
Top Guendolen PURPLE - SEEUSOON Top pour femme
Top Guendolen Sale price65,99 €
Chemisier Grethel PINK - SEEUSOON Top pour femme
Chemise Grethel Sale price59,99 €
Chemisier Geva OFFWHITE - SEEUSOON Top pour femme
Chemise Geva Sale price69,99 €
Chemise Shana CARREAUX - ORFEO Chemise pour femme
Shana Shirt Sale price59,00 €
Chemisier Mary INDIGO - ORFEO Top pour femme
Mary blouse Sale price59,00 €
Chemisier Kayla BLEU - ORFEO Top pour femme
Kayla blouse Sale price59,00 €
Sold outChemisier Joyce PATCH - ORFEO Top pour femme
Joyce blouse Sale price59,00 €
Chemisier Angele JAUNE - ORFEO Top pour femme
Angele blouse Sale price59,00 €
Chemisier Cadia AQUA - LA PETITE ETOILE Top pour femme
Cadia blouse Sale price65,99 €
Sold outChemisier Carli RAYE BLEU - LA PETITE ETOILE Top pour femme
Carli blouse Sale price69,99 €
Dernière PièceChemise Cancun JAGUAR - LAUREPLUSMAX Top pour femme
Cancún shirt Sale price30,00 € Regular price75,00 €
Dernière PièceSold outChemise Louisa SAFRAN JAUNE - YCOO Top pour femme
Louisa shirt Sale price20,00 € Regular price45,99 €
Dernière PièceChemisier Chamonix EGYPTE BLEU KLEIN - LAUREPLUSMAX Top pour femme
Chamonix blouse Sale price30,00 € Regular price75,99 €
Dernière PièceSold outChemise Biba AZUR - LAUREPLUSMAX Top pour femme
Biba shirt Sale price30,00 € Regular price65,99 €
Dernière PièceChemise Chiola VICHY TERRE - LAUREPLUSMAX Top pour femme
Chiola shirt Sale price55,99 €
Dernière PièceChemise Carrelet ECRU - LAUREPLUSMAX Top pour femme
Plaid shirt Sale price30,00 € Regular price65,99 €
Dernière PièceChemise Camotes BOHEME FUSHIA - LAUREPLUSMAX Top pour femme
Camote Shirt Sale price30,00 € Regular price69,99 €
Dernière PièceChemisier Trille BEIGE CHINE - LAUREPLUSMAX Top pour femme
Trill Blouse Sale price20,00 € Regular price59,00 €
Dernière PièceChemisier Marco NOIR - LOËLA Top pour femme
Marco blouse Sale price30,00 € Regular price59,00 €

women's top

For daily wear that shines, adopt the top model that suits you. Short-sleeved printed T-shirt, round-neck tank top, lace top, V-neck blouse or oversized shirt, you will find at Loëla a whole range of tops and blouses to make you feel good in your clothing woman. Isn't it time to fall for a trendy little top?

Sleek little tops for a flattering silhouette

The perfect women's top is hard to find! This is why, at Loëla, we surpass ourselves every day to find materials that are even cozier, always softer and more pleasant to wear. That you feel beautiful and comfortable in your clothes is very important to us. So be romantic for this season and treat yourself to the top that will make you happy. Pastel tone? Floral prints? Lace? It's hard to choose between this vintage sleeveless top that catches your eye and this printed message T-shirt that would go so well with your women's jeans fetish!

Besides, whether it's a small plain tank top or a graphic T-shirt, it's very easy to show them off with a nice cardigan Women's over or a stylish women's denim jacket. Fashionistas will love the casual models selected by Loëla!

Blouses and blouses: comfort and elegance

Blouses are revolutionizing! Here, we are not confined to a single repertoire: depending on your inspiration, sometimes you will choose this sublime fluid blouse in veil with balloon sleeves, sometimes you will be seduced by this blouse with a V-neck and plunging neckline. Let your imagination run wild and imagine yourself wearing a very masculine but devilishly sexy oversized white shirt! Better yet, opt for a loose fit buttoned tunic with puff sleeves for a comfortable bohemian look.

Be chic, be distinguished, be dreamy, be bohemian, all styles are allowed!

Not sure what to wear this women's top with? Don't panic, take a look at our collection of longskirt!