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Sold outPull Madya ECRU - LA PETITE ETOILE Pull pour femme
Pull Madya Sale price65,99 €
Pull Varika MAIS - Loëla Pull pour femme
Pull Varika Sale price65,99 €
Pull Volnia ORCHID - Loëla Pull pour femme
Pull Volnia Sale price59,99 €
Sweat Fiona BEIGE - LOËLA Sweat pour femme
Sweat Dreams Sale price45,99 €
Sold outSweat Anae BEIGE - Loëla Sweat pour femme
Sweat Anae Sale price39,99 €
Sold outPull Fanny BLANC - Loëla Pull pour femme
Pull Fanny Sale price49,99 €
Sold outPull Diane BLANC - Loëla Pull pour femme
Diane sweater Sale price49,99 €
Sweat Amélie GRIS - Loëla Sweat pour femme
Amélie sweatshirt Sale price65,99 €
Pull Elisabeth BLANC - LOËLA Pull pour femme
Elisabeth sweater Sale price45,99 €
Pull Crystal BEIGE - LOËLA Top pour femme
Crystal sweater Sale price45,99 €
Sold outSweat Emma BEIGE - LOËLA Sweat pour femme
Emma sweatshirt Sale price39,99 €
Sold outPull Dylan BLEU CIEL - YCOO Pull pour femme
Dylan Sweater Sale price59,99 €
Sold outSweat Nola RAYURES MAGENTA - LAUREPLUSMAX Sweat pour femme
Nola sweatshirt Sale price65,00 €
Sweat Marais BEIGE - GRACE ET MILA Sweat pour femme
Marais sweatshirt Sale price65,00 €
Pull Magalie VERT - GRACE ET MILA Pull pour femme
Magalie sweater Sale price89,00 €
Pull Maddox ECRU - GRACE ET MILA Pull pour femme
Maddox sweater Sale price69,00 €
Pull Macchiato DORE - GRACE ET MILA Pull pour femme
Macchiato sweater Sale price45,00 €
Pull Madame RAYURE BLANC - GRACE ET MILA Pull pour femme
Madame sweater Sale price49,00 €
Sold outPull Gaia VERT - SEEUSOON Pull pour femme
Gaia sweater Sale price49,99 €
Pull Grace OFFWHITE - SEEUSOON Pull pour femme
Grace sweater Sale price65,99 €
Pull Garance OFFWHITE - SEEUSOON Pull pour femme
Garance sweater Sale price59,99 €
Sweat Stancy GRIS CHINE - ORFEO Top pour femme
Stancy sweatshirt Sale price59,00 €
Pull Mirta ROSE CHINE - ORFEO Pull pour femme
Mirta sweater Sale price89,00 €
Pull Mercredi NAVY ECRU - ORFEO Pull pour femme
Wednesday Sweater Sale price59,00 €
Sold outPull Louanne ECRU - ORFEO Pull pour femme
Louanne sweater Sale price69,00 €
Pull Joelle MULTICO - ORFEO Pull pour femme
Joelle sweater Sale price59,00 €
Sold outPull Milda ROMANCE - LA PETITE ETOILE Pull pour femme
Milda sweater Sale price69,99 €
Pull Mady AQUA - LA PETITE ETOILE Pull pour femme
Mady sweater Sale price69,99 €
Pull Camilia ECRU CIEL blanc bleu - LA PETITE ETOILE Pull pour femme
Camilia sweater Sale price69,99 €
NewSweat Tonore MARINE - LA PETITE ETOILE Sweat pour femme
Tonore sweatshirt Sale price69,99 €

Sweater & Sweatshirt

The sweatshirts have been revisited to offer you the best of their potential. Long considered too masculine, today they are on the rise and are becoming essential pieces to be fashionable! At Loëla, as you know, nothing is left to chance. We have selected for you the most punchy trendy models of this season. Of course, we also take a look at the collection of sweaters thought out and designed to embellish all silhouettes!

The sweatshirt, the streetwear item par excellence

No, ladies, the sweatshirt is not a women's clothing to go jogging or stay at home! Finally Yes. But not only, far from it! Know that the sweatshirt claims to be the streetwear piece that you must have in your dressing room for a trendy look! An urban date with friends? Take out your hoodie with inscription for a city look at the top. Combine it with a jacket women's leather, a t ​​shirt women's oversize and your favorite skinny jeans.

All the fashionistas are already wearing it, tell yourself that the sweatshirt is one of the key trends of the season. To be worn over women's boyfriend jeans or women's shorts, it It's not hard to find a match. Fitted, zipped, loose, dolman sleeve, embroidered message, flashy, all tastes are at Loëla!

So what are you waiting for to impress?

Comfortable sweaters for a casual look

Round or V-neck, straight or asymmetrical cut, sweaters can be worn in all seasons, summer and winter. Comfortable without being old-fashioned, fluid without being too bohemian, these lightly designed pieces go with almost your entire wardrobe.

In the spotlight this season, the colors lilac, royal blue, orange, green or even pink. Fall for a loose-cut sweater, a flowing sweater in light knit, an unstructured cut or even the oversized version that suits you so well. Finally, don't miss the traditional sailor top either, which will undoubtedly find its place in your wardrobe.