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Article: Dressy women's fluid pants: the secret of elegant young ladies

Le pantalon fluide femme habillé : le secret des demoiselles élégantes - Loëla
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Dressy women's fluid pants: the secret of elegant young ladies

For a long time the maxim "You must suffer to be beautiful" was repeated on a loop. Skimpy corsets, sharp heels, close-fitting pants, ... It's as if the world of fashion was plotting to put an end to your comfort for good. And then the women's dressy flowing pants came...

Light, airy, it magnifies the curves without molding them. With each step, he floats with a grace that is hard to describe. With the fluid high-waisted pants (or low waist), never again has comfort been synonymous with letting go. Befitting both bohemian ladies and the ever-dressed Mistinguettes, this item of clothing will not stop surprising you.

What are flowy pants?

A little retro, a bit voluptuous, these pants represent the perfect harmony between comfort and elegance. As its name suggests, the women's fluid pants is a garment that does not hug the curves. Unlike jeans, its fabric is neither rigid nor tight. It is all in lightness that it emphasizes feminine curves.

Having emerged in the hippie movement, the fluid pants gradually convinced other fashionistas. Once rid of its large floral motifs, it became sophisticated and outrageously contemporary. Of all the versions of fluid pants for women , one model in particular has won over stylists: the palazzo.

How to recognize palazzo pants?

Please note: any palazzo is a fluid high-waisted pants but the converse is not true. Can only be called a palazzo fluid pants whose size is not only high but also fitted. Through darts, the accent is placed on the birth of the hips. And to keep this etheric spirit, the legs are ample.

If the palazzo appeals so much, it is because it immediately confers an elegant aura. By structuring the silhouette, it gives off the air of socialite or fashionista. In white, it recalls the golden youth of Saint-Tropez. In bolder shades, it lets your side speak artsy without losing sophistication.

Very few clothes are as refined as this Dressy women's flowing trousers . To combine comfort and neat presentation, it is recommended to opt for wide pants for women . And of all, it is the palazzo that wins the prize for its natural elegance.

What fabric to use for flowing summer pants?

In general, it is in summer and spring that the fluid high-waisted pants returns to center stage. It must be said that its lightness lends itself particularly to sunny days.

To succeed in this tour de force, the stylists choose their textiles meticulously. Unsurprisingly, heavy materials such as wool will never be used to design a Dressy women's flowing trousers . On the other hand, delicate textiles such as silk, cotton or linen are systematically included.

In summer, it is common to combine linen and cotton. This combination makes it possible to have a women's fluid pants that has hold while floating in the wind. In a more refined style, silk brings shine and a refined side that always has an effect.

Another fabric often used: polyester. Be careful though... For the women's dressy flowing pants remains graceful, it is necessary to choose quality polyester. Stay away from cheap assemblies made hastily in clandestine factories. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, your palazzo will be sorely lacking in grace.

What flowing pants to wear according to your size?

Like all clothes, the fluid pants must be chosen according to your morphology. As much as the big women have almost no questions to ask themselves, the round and the little ones must be vigilant. Yes... Poorly chosen, a fluid pants for women quickly flattens the silhouette or emphasizes imperfections.

What so-called fluid pants to wear when you're tall?

Are you taller than 1.70m? If so, you're free to wear any flowy pants you desire. High waist, low waist, mid-calf, etc., everything suits you.

If you want to break the "twig" effect that sometimes gives complexes to tall women, opt for a model with lapels. Thus, visually, you will bring a little relief. Another tip: choose a low-rise model. Indeed, you do not really need to lengthen your silhouette even more.

Which pants do you prefer when you're little?

For young ladies measuring less than 1.70 m, it is preferable to opt for a fluid high-waisted pants . Only with this trick you will gain a few centimeters. It is a particularly effective trompe-l'oeil to appear taller.

When buying your pants, also pay attention to the leg width. Avoid too loose models that will make you disappear under the volume of fabric. Opt for flowing but not baggy pants. And if you really want to grab a few centimeters, do not adopt the classic palazzo. Prefer a 7/8 length to reveal your ankle and lengthen your silhouette.

Which pants to prefer when you have curves?

As a luscious lady, you sometimes have fears when it comes to getting dressed. More than once, you backed out for fear that your curves weren't showing off. Don't worry: the women's dressy flowing pants is also made for you.

In case you have curves, it is better to move away from models being fitted at the hips. Instead, bet on a straight cut that will follow the lines of your body but without molding them. Likewise, be wise: stay away from the bermuda version which easily thickens the leg.

A timeless classic, the women blue pants will magnify your silhouette while hiding your impressions. Wear it with an openwork blouse and you're ready to conquer Paris!

What color for fluid women's pants?

Whether you are a classic woman or a more eccentric lady, everything is allowed with the Dressy women's flowing trousers . For a timeless style, black, navy blue, etc. are preferred colors. At the office or at a chic cocktail party, they will make a strong impression with simplicity.

In love with light colors? You will be happy to know that the fluid high-waisted pants white is still relevant. Like him, the beige, pink or pastel variants are aimed at young ladies who want to compose a fresh, summery and nevertheless dressed look.

In a more pointed style, it is also possible to opt for bright colors. Fuchsia, dark green, magenta, ... Put some color on your women's fluid pants to attract all eyes.

What about women's flowing dress pants with patterns?

Don't let prejudice keep you from unleashing your love of patterns. On a fluid high-waisted pants , an imitation python or crocodile can be the most beautiful effect. Ditto for the more classic patterns (peas, mouths, diamonds, etc.) and those inspired by big cats. The whole thing is to ensure that the flowing pants are of high quality.

Precisely, on, all our models are meticulously selected. Both the fabrics and the seams are reviewed. What are you waiting for to find your women's fluid pants among our impressive collection?

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