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Looking for a pair of shoes to go with your new dress? Don't panic, at Loëla, you will find everything you need! Flat or heeled sandals, discreet or original sneakers, or graphic sandals: a varied choice for 100% guaranteed fashion credibility!

The pair of shoes: an essential role

Have you ever imagined that your pair of shoes can give you much more than just being able to walk?

Shoes play a major role in our daily lives. They make you elegant, feminine, stylish. Better still, they can even increase your self-confidence. Choosing to put on a nice pair of shoes in the morning sets you up in a positive way to start your day off right. You will feel good, in a good mood. Well chosen and well worn, they will transform your daily life. How ?

  • by bringing a touch of pep to your outfit;
  • improving your look;
  • by offering a touch of originality;
  • making you sexy.
      • Essentials of feminine beauty

        Your shoes dress your feet, they bring a personal touch to your outfit, reflect your character and can say a lot about your personality. The dream ? Succeed in being classy and stylish while wearing comfortable shoes. Well, ladies, your dream can come true. It's just about making the right choices and the right associations. Derby shoes and oxfords guarantee you a trendy and comfortable look, a pair of moccasins give you a preppy and chic look with flexibility. Also let yourself be tempted by a touch of daring! Glittery sneakers or pastel pumps can be perfectly combined with simple classics like slim jeans, a white top or a cream sweater. You understand, in fashion, everything is a question of dosage.

        “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” Marilyn Monroe

        Which pair of shoes to choose?

        To choose the right pair of shoes, you must always imagine what outfit you will wear them with. Have you fallen for this pair of camel derbies? That's fine, but if you can't wear these shoes with any of your outfits, this purchase will prove to be completely useless. Be careful of compulsive purchases and always listen to the clothing advice given by the expert salespeople at Loëla.

        So that your style is always remarkable, imagine the outfit with which you will wear these wonderful sandals or better, kill two birds with one stone and fall for a trendy item of clothing or a chic accessory at the same time!