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Jackets & Coats

Are you looking to enhance your look? A beautiful jacket will be your everyday ally. It represents the final touch that will set the tone for the rest of your women's clothing . Whatever the season, give an urban, sometimes sophisticated touch to your outfits. Classic or timeless, blazer or bomber, denim or leather, there will always be a jacket that will suit you perfectly! So, don't wait any longer and build your look with Loëla!

Structure your outfit with a women's jacket

Fall for the colorful bomber jacket that will brighten up your outfit while allowing you to stay relaxed. Opt for the jungle print blazer for a totally in style look! Always remember to accessorize your outfits with a beautiful belt or a nice scarf for the fluid and light side.

Are you more of a working girl? Perfect, then you will choose the classic blazer or why not a suede perfecto. The jacket with three-quarter sleeves without buttons that you put over a women's top can also have a great effect at the office!

The biggest advantage of the jackets selected by Loëla is that you can imagine them as well on a long dress as with a short skirt or women's chino pants . They go with everything! We love !

Choosing a women's jacket based on your body shape

Like many other items of clothing, the jacket is no exception to the rule; you will have to choose it according to your body type. Remember, the goal of effective shopping is for you to feel good in your clothes. So follow the valuable advice given by the salespeople at Loëla, they will be able to help you professionally to make the best choice. First of all, know that the material is important, to be comfortable, choose natural fibers, more fluid and pleasant to wear. Then, imagine being able to wear your jacket throughout the year, summer and winter. Some of our jackets are timeless, they go through the seasons without going out of style.

In terms of body shape, the smallest among you will opt for short jackets that stop above the hips to lengthen the silhouette. Older girls will be spoiled for choice (as is often the case!) because many shapes of jackets will be suitable. Finally, avoid shoulder pads if you already have a fairly pronounced build.