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The necklace is a bit of an essential piece of jewelry. If you had to choose just one piece of jewelry to wear, it would probably be the necklace you would turn to. Because there is a necklace for every personality, at Loëla, we take care to select the prettiest models. Quickly discover which necklace will highlight you the most this season!

Necklaces: the must have in your jewelry box

To highlight your face or your neckline, you will find your ally among our selection. Elegant and fine, they dress up your outfit to make it unique. Plus, you have choices! Choker, long necklace, pendant, your desires flit from one necklace to another to brighten your days. Isn't it important to feel beautiful and dazzle those around you?

Necklaces gilded with fine gold and natural stones are truly one of our favorites and we hope you share our enthusiasm for these jewels !

What type of necklace to wear?

For round faces, the ideal is to choose a V-shaped pendant necklace that dips into your neckline. It will refine your face and highlight your chest.

Do you have a rather oval face or high cheekbones? In this case, you opt for a medium length necklace to create a beautiful rounding around your neck. The goal is to harmonize your face with your neckline. The best thing is to choose a collar with links to adjust its height. So, no matter the size of your bust, the necklace will suit you perfectly. Besides, have you noticed that all Loëla necklaces are adjustable?

Finally, if you have a generous neckline, avoid necklaces that are too imposing or too voluminous. Prefer discreet necklaces, flat models.

Have you fallen for a model? Check right away if you can find the matching bracelet or trendy earrings !