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Do you think the vest is reserved for cocooning enthusiasts? Fake ! Women's vests don't have to pale in comparison to the suit jacket. On the contrary, the vest offers a versatility that we love. They appear elegant and very feminine and sometimes shake up the codes. Cardigan or chunky knit vest, every woman has her own vest!

Women's vests: the chic meeting place

Let's not be afraid of words, the vest is the flagship piece of women's clothing in our wardrobes. It offers possibilities for great looks thanks to layering. Mixture of materials, colors, we dare everything and it works! The effects of contrast and asymmetry are the workhorse of the vest. This is why we are happy to see poncho vests on slim jeans or ethnic and colorful colors on black women's pants . Another possibility, high-waisted pants enhanced with a pretty belt with a cozy, soft-to-the-touch cardigan. We love: the open knit cardigan to wear over a flowing women's blouse . Relaxed effect guaranteed!

An ideal alternative to women's sweaters , the vest will be much more practical for warming you up without messing up your hair.

Women's vests: clothing for all seasons

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, we wear the vest without seasonal limits! You put it on as naturally as possible to warm yourself in the winter or you tie it nonchalantly around your shoulders in the evening in the summer when the air cools down. Comfortable, practical, we love them when they are soft and warm, but also light and fluid. Their advantage: style variations! Wise, bohemian, elegant, the vest adapts to all occasions and never disappoints you. Structured cardigan over a blouse, small blazer over a long dress , three-quarter sleeve cardigan over a lace top , we like to combine it with feminine pieces unearthed in our wardrobe. 100% chic effect, all year round!