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Sovereign in the kingdom of jewelry, rings are and will be the eternal allies of every self-respecting woman. They inspire creators for our greatest happiness. Whether we talk about love or coquetry, rings represent femininity, union, glamor. We have them in a thousand ways and we enjoy matching them to our outfits.

Rings: a dazzling selection

Because it is important to have pretty hands, we make a point of offering you the most beautiful rings from Ikita or even Milé Mila.

As stylish as their designer, the rings are available in different models. Thin, wide, colorful, gold, or silver, some of which are made of surgical steel! This way, we forget about the risks of allergies and ensure their lifespan! Note that they are of course stainless: you can wash your hands without removing your rings, no chance of oxidizing them. You will never be disappointed and will love giving them away thanks to their low price.

Also go for a bracelet to highlight your wrist or even a necklace to embellish your neckline!

Rings: ideas and suggestions for dressing your hand

Remember that rings draw the eye to your hands. These must therefore be impeccable if you wear flashy or XXL rings. It's all a question of harmony and proportions, as is often the case in fashion.

  • symmetry: avoid putting 4 rings on one hand and none on the other;
  • contrast: if you wear dark clothes, multi-colored rings are welcome;
  • bohemian style: floral and colorful rings go wonderfully with long flowing dresses;
  • vintage spirit: a cabochon ring, high and rounded settings will be ideal;
  • rock look: we multiply the rings, we layer them, we play with burgundy and onyx colors.

Have you taken a look at the earrings ? They are cute!