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Brand: Scarlet Roos

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Brand: Scarlet Roos

Scarlet Roos: a dynamic and feminine brand

Scarlet Roos is above all a family story born of the admiration of two brothers for their mother. Inspired by the elegance of the latter, they created a ready-to-wear brand in 2007 to pay homage to femininity, elegance and the fulfillment of women. . Scarlet Roos appeals to all generations and appeals to all styles! It is a brand that wants to be chic, modern, glamorous and has an eye for detail! Nothing is left to chance ! Each creation has a unique touch specific to the identity of Scarlet Roos. Through her delicate creations, she seeks to enhance the beauty of women. No wonder the flagship piece of the collection is the dress! Reveal your strengths in clothing signed Scarlet Roos, affirm your femininity, stay true to yourself and be chic in all circumstances!

Scarlet Roos boutique: the new collections in your eshop

Browse our online boutique to discover the new Scarlet Roos collection. The brand wishes to satisfy all your desires and therefore offers you a multitude of pieces in various styles: romantic, bohemian, chic, rock or even urban. Whatever your age or your tastes, you will be won over by the little nuggets in the range! Are you a fan of chic looks for going to work, but you don't want to neglect your comfort? Opt for their pulls trends and pair them with flowing trousers with original patterns. Do you prefer the girly style for a date? Bet on the essential feminine long dress! A summer look for shopping with friends? Go for a simple outfit and add a strong piece: an ultra-trendy floral kimono! Summer like winter, Scarlett Roos delights us with daring models, original prints, dapper colors as well as aerial and feminine cuts.