Brand: Mila Louise

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Mila Louise: the brand for dynamic women

Mila Louise is the leather goods brand for free, elegant and chic women, preferring natural and from simplicity to superficiality. As proof, the designer of the brand is always attentive to the latest trends and seeks to meet the expectations of women. A combination of colors, styles and materials to offer handbags and accessories leather goods to wear on all occasions.

New Mila Louise collection in your eshop

We carefully select our Mila Louise small leather goods to offer you the prettiest pieces. We renew the collections regularly to bring you the latest new arrivals in terms of handbags , purse and pouches. You won't be able to do without your everyday companions with a sleek look. quality materials from the best tanneries are available for daily use. From the plain timeless model to the most fanciful glittery or patterned, the leather accessories have more than one trick up their sleeve to be worn with different styles of clothing!

How to take care of your Mila Louise leather goods?

To make your small and large leather goods last over time, you need to take care of them . Each Mila Louise piece is unique and may naturally have slight imperfections (scars, growth marks, color variations). This is completely normal on genuine leather. This is why, if it is not given the care it deserves, the material can be damaged at the long. It is strongly recommended that you avoid prolonged exposure to the sun of your fashion accessory. The same goes for water and heat in general. Store your leather handbag in a clean, dry place in case of prolonged non-use.