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NewJupe Mae ROUGE - OPULLENCE Jupe pour femme
Jupe Mae Sale price114,99 €
NewGilet Clyde ROUGE - OPULLENCE Gilet pour femme
Gilet Clyde Sale price114,99 €
NewRobe Elysa ROSE - Loëla Robe pour femme
Robe Elysa Sale price44,99 €
NewBlouse Flora ROSE - Loëla Top pour femme
Blouse Flora Sale price39,99 €
NewPantalon Grenadine ROSE - Loëla Pantalon pour femme
Pantalon Grenadine Sale price49,99 €
NewTop Fraise BLANC - Loëla Top pour femme
Top Fraise Sale price44,99 €
NewShort Mael ROUGE - Loëla Short pour femme
Short Mael Sale price59,99 €
NewSold outRobe Lorena NOIR - Loëla Robe pour femme
Robe Lorena Sale price55,99 €
NewRobe Yail ECRU - GOA Robe pour femme
Robe Yail Sale price75,00 €
NewVeste Camille ECRU - Loëla Veste pour femme
Veste Camille Sale price69,00 €
NewPantalon Joel FUCSHIA rose - Loëla Pantalon pour femme
Pantalon Joel Sale price45,00 €
NewChemise Timy NOIR - GOA Top pour femme
Chemise Timy Sale price49,00 €
Sold outBoucles d'oreilles NOIR - FEEKA Bijoux pour femme
Boucles d'oreilles Flavy Sale price28,00 €
Sold outJonc Marcell MOSAIQUE - FEEKA Bijoux pour femme
Jonc Marcell Sale price25,00 €
Sold outBoucles d'oreilles Fanette NOIR - FEEKA Bijoux pour femme
Boucles d'oreilles Fanette Sale price28,00 €
Top Minas ECRU beige - YCOO Top pour femme
Top Minas Sale price45,00 €
Pantalon Rio VERT - YCOO Pantalon pour femme
Pantalon Rio Sale price49,99 €
Top Sandra ROSE - YCOO Top pour femme
Top Sandra Sale price42,99 €
Pantalon Marius ROSE - YCOO Pantalon pour femme
Pantalon Marius Sale price49,50 €
Combinaison Louise VERT - YCOO Combinaison pour femme
Combinaison Louise Sale price59,00 €
Veste Mozart BLEU - GRACE ET MILA Veste pour femme
Veste Mozart Sale price135,00 €
NewDébardeur Muffin NOIR - GRACE ET MILA Top pour femme
Débardeur Muffin Sale price49,50 €
Top Mimosa NOIR - GRACE ET MILA Top pour femme
Top Mimosa Sale price49,00 €
Pantalon Messina CAMEL beige - GRACE ET MILA Pantalon pour femme
Pantalon Messina Sale price60,00 €
Jupe Merite BLEU - GRACE ET MILA Jupe pour femme
Jupe Merite Sale price65,00 €
Top Merci MULTICO rouge - GRACE ET MILA Top pour femme
Top Merci Sale price45,00 €
NewDébardeur Zelda NOIR - ORFEO Top pour femme
Débardeur Zelda Sale price49,50 €
NewPantalon Nami KHAKI - ORFEO Pantalon pour femme
Pantalon Nami Sale price69,00 €
NewRobe Dona NOIR - ORFEO Robe pour femme
Robe Dona Sale price69,00 €

May collection

May fashion collection: do what you want!

The beautiful days are coming, the sun is coming up. In May, do what you want! Can you smell the sweet scent of summer approaching? Yes, but in May, it's still spring, so be careful not to undress too much! The advantage of this season is the sun which illuminates our faces, the days which lengthen and the pleasant evenings with friends taking shape. No more rain and grayness of winter, make way for sunny days! To satisfy all your desires, we have planned everything. The May collection that awaits you on the eshop is to die for. And do you know why ? Because we love to pamper you and help you feel beautiful and radiant in all circumstances! So, do what you like, dare and fall for the brand new trendy collection!

How to dress in May?

The choices are vast, in May we are lucky enough to be able to let our creativity explode! Almost everything is allowed. In May, we still rely on overlays to be able to undress a little in the middle of the afternoon and cover our shoulders when the eveningscool are felt. As for colors, we mix pastels, but we also dare to use very colorful touches on our accessories to give some pep to our outfits. We also allow ourselves to wear a long vest as a coat for the mornings when it is cool. Otherwise, wear a denim jacket with a small, thin scarf or neckerchief. Of course, we strip our legs, take out the mini-skirts and have fun on the shoes open, high-heeled sandals and little white Velcro sneakers. And if a special occasion arises, such as a wedding in May for example, we also have everything you need to be totally sublime!