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June collection

June fashion collection: it's summer, the holidays are coming!

It's hot, it's sunny, it's summer! That's it, it looks like the summer vacation is approaching, doesn't it? But the month of June is also very popular for celebrating weddings. This is probably the ideal month, moreover very often taken by storm by couples. The time is perfect, the sun is shining, the temperatures are very pleasant and the evenings are long and mild. So if you're wondering how to dress for a wedding in June, the answer is simple, come and have a look at the eshop and discover our magnificent collection. We thought it up especially for you, because we are getting to know your tastes and desires. In terms of colours, in June we love to dress in white; light and pastel colors are really in the spotlight. On the other hand, don't forget to enhance everything with a very colorful touch on your handbag or a beautiful fashion accessory.

How to dress in June?

In June, let's get loose! Freshen up your wardrobe, get ready for the holidays, get undressed so you don't get too hot, while keeping in style! We put on light jumpsuits, we consider animal prints. We collect fluid and light dresses and we abuse them, know that they are your new best friends: they will follow you in all opportunities! During the week at work, on weekends out for a walk, in the evening with your friends, loose dresses paired with a little denim jacket are top of the trends. Don't forget to accessorize with XXL sunglasses Hollywood starlet style and your large tote bag to store everything easily. Also, consider lightweight, breathable fabrics for your trousers, shirts and jackets and bet on open shoes. Finally, remember to carefully choose the cut of your clothes so as not to be too tight and remain comfortable.