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Shoe size
Sold outChemise Jade MULTICO - Loëla Chemisier pour femme
Chemise Jade Sale price35,99 €
Jupe Doriane MULTICO - Loëla Jupe pour femme
Jupe Doriane Sale price39,99 €
Bombers Barbara NOIR - Loëla Veste pour femme
Bombers Barbara Sale price55,99 €
Sold outBlouse Bianca NOIR - Loëla Top pour femme
Blouse Bianca Sale price35,99 €
Gilet Billie BEIGE - Loëla Gilet pour femme
Gilet Billie Sale price49,99 €
Sold outGilet Deborah ECRU - Loëla Gilet pour femme
Deborah cardigan Sale price59,99 €
Sold outBlouse Dany BEIGE - Loëla Top pour femme
Dany blouse Sale price45,99 €
Sold outBlouse Dania ROSE - Loëla Top pour femme
Dania blouse Sale price45,99 €
Sold outPull Diane BLANC - Loëla Pull pour femme
Diane sweater Sale price49,99 €
Sweat Amélie GRIS - Loëla Sweat pour femme
Amélie sweatshirt Sale price65,99 €
Pull Elisabeth BLANC - LOËLA Pull pour femme
Elisabeth sweater Sale price45,99 €
Pull Crystal BEIGE - LOËLA Top pour femme
Crystal sweater Sale price45,99 €
Veste Flavie BLEU - LOËLA Gilet pour femme
Flavie jacket Sale price69,99 €
Chemise Anika BLEU - LOËLA Top pour femme
Anika shirt Sale price49,99 €
Chemise Merua BLEU - LOËLA Top pour femme
Merua Shirt Sale price55,99 €
Gilet Pietro BEIGE - LOËLA Gilet pour femme
Pietro vest Sale price45,99 €
Sold outVeste Camille NOIR - LOËLA Veste pour femme
Camille Jacket Sale price49,99 €
Chemise Enora BLEU - LOËLA Top pour femme
Enora shirt Sale price39,99 €
Perfecto Elisa IVOIRE - LOËLA Perfecto pour femme
Perfecto Elisa Sale price55,99 €
Sweat Emma BEIGE - LOËLA Sweat pour femme
Emma sweatshirt Sale price39,99 €
Chemise Eloise BLANC - LOËLA Top pour femme
Eloise shirt Sale price39,99 €
Chemise Elina BEIGE - LOËLA Top pour femme
Elina shirt Sale price39,99 €
Sold outPull Dylan BLEU CIEL - YCOO Pull pour femme
Dylan Sweater Sale price59,99 €
Pantalon Sabrina BEIGE - YCOO Pantalon pour femme
Sabrina pants Sale price59,99 €
Sold outChemise Naelle JEAN - YCOO Chemise pour femme
Naelle shirt Sale price49,99 €
Sold outBlouse Alicia IVOIRE - YCOO Top pour femme
Alicia blouse Sale price49,99 €
Pantalon Alma JEAN FONCE - YCOO Pantalon pour femme
Alma pants Sale price59,99 €
Veste Ambre BOIS DE ROSE - YCOO Veste pour femme
Amber Jacket Sale price69,99 €
Sold outChemisier Amira BLANC - YCOO Top pour femme
Amira blouse Sale price49,99 €
Chemise Apolline BLEU - YCOO Top pour femme
Apolline shirt Sale price45,99 €

January collection

January fashion collection: warm up your looks!

In winter, we only want one thing: to curl up in warm sweaters! Comfort is our #1 priority! But no question of letting go with pieces that are too wide or loose. We stay stylish even in winter: yes, it's possible! We combine trendy and comfortable clothes for a radiant January look! To dress elegantly despite the cold, we focus on cozy, quality materials such as wool, cotton, cashmere or velvet. We also adopt daytime lingerie as well as the subtle superimposition of layers. Finally, we do not skimp on the details! We wear flashy colors and original prints to counter the cold! We're warming up our looks with sparkling fashion pieces for January! Finally, and this is the good news of the month, the winter sales are fast approaching! This is the perfect opportunity to renew your winter wardrobe at a low price!

How to dress in January?

Shop on our eshop the latest winter fashion collections! Succumb to the trendy and warm pieces of our partner brands to complete your winter wardrobe! You don't know what look to adopt? In January, we opt for mid-length dresses that reveal our legs. The retro houndstooth models are the most popular. On the tights side, we choose a thick pair in black or with fancy patterns, if the outfit is not already too busy. We are also heading for some magnificent trousers in velvet, a material that is making a comeback on the fashion planet and which protects us from the cold! We also bet on the essential sweater in colored wool to illuminate our face as well as on the vests long cozy ones for the bohemian side. Regarding accessories, we adopt original and vitaminized pieces: ankle boots with red heels, sneakers with animal motifs, vintage bags or costume jewellery. Brave winter with sunny looks!