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Shoe size
Jupe Mae BLEU - OPULLENCE Jupe pour femme
Jupe Mae Sale price105,99 €
Jupe Kate ROSE - OPULLENCE Jupe pour femme
Jupe Kate Sale price95,00 €
Robe Camille VIOLET - OPULLENCE Robe pour femme
Robe Camille Sale price165,99 €
Robe Alienor ROSE - Loëla Robe pour femme
Robe Alienor Sale price49,99 €
Chemisier Carli POUDRE - LA PETITE ETOILE Top pour femme
Chemise Carli Sale price65,99 €
Gilet Elie BEIGE - OPULLENCE Gilet pour femme
Gilet Elie Sale price85,99 €
Gilet Flaure MULTICO - LOËLA Gilet pour femme
Gilet Flaure Sale price55,99 €
Veste Flo BEIGE - LOËLA Veste pour femme
Veste Flo Sale price75,99 €
Sweat Fiona BEIGE - LOËLA Sweat pour femme
Sweat Dreams Sale price45,99 €
Gilet Faustine BEIGE - LOËLA Gilet pour femme
Gilet Faustine Sale price35,99 €
Pantalon Flore BEIGE - LOËLA Pantalon pour femme
Pantalon Flore Sale price49,99 €
Blouse Marcy BLANC - JANE WOOD Top pour femme
Blouse Marcy Sale price99,99 €
Sweat Anae BEIGE - Loëla Sweat pour femme
Sweat Anae Sale price39,99 €
Salopette Alma BLEU - Loëla Combinaison pour femme
Salopette Alma Sale price65,99 €
Blouse Lola NOIR - JANE WOOD Top pour femme
Blouse Lola Sale price79,99 €
Robe Glenda NOIR - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Glenda dress Sale price89,99 €
Sold outRobe Uma CORAIL - Loëla Robe pour femme
Robe Uma Sale price49,99 €
Gilet Francina ROYAL BLEU - Loëla Gilet pour femme
Gilet Francina Sale price49,99 €
Sold outChemisier Fiona BLANC - Loëla Top pour femme
Chemise Fiona Sale price39,99 €
Jupe Farah CAMEL - Loëla Jupe pour femme
Jupe Farah Sale price39,99 €
Chemisier Frederica BLEU - Loëla Top pour femme
Blouse Frederica Sale price49,99 €
Sold outChemise Felipa CORAIL - Loëla Top pour femme
Chemise Felipa Sale price39,99 €
Pull Fanny BLANC - Loëla Pull pour femme
Pull Fanny Sale price49,99 €
Gilet Flore BLANC - Loëla Gilet pour femme
Gilet Flore Sale price49,99 €
Blouse Begonia ECRU blanc - YCOO Top pour femme
Blouse Begonia Sale price45,99 €
Sold outPantalon Bonnie NOIR - YCOO Pantalon pour femme
Pantalon Bonnie Sale price59,99 €
Robe Berangère JEAN BLEU - YCOO Robe pour femme
Robe Berangère Sale price69,99 €
Sold outJupe Benedicte NOIR - YCOO Jupe pour femme
Jupe Benedicte Sale price49,99 €
Chemise Blanca CORAIL rouge - YCOO Top pour femme
Chemise Blanca Sale price45,99 €
Sold outChemise Brune BLANC - YCOO Top pour femme
Chemise Brune Sale price49,99 €

February collection

February fashion collection: pep up your looks

In February, winter is in full swing, the temperatures are cool, sometimes freezing, and you take refuge in your most cocooning outfits, but not the trendiest… Why? Because in this period you have little inspiration and motivation to compose great looks. You prefer easy-to-wear fashion pieces to the detriment of style... To get through these long winter days in style, discover our fashion collection for February! Punchy clothing to boost your energy and add pep to your looks! You will also find sparkling accessories to combat seasonal depression. Fill up on vitamins with fashion pieces for the winter, colorful and trendy, dare to step out of your comfort zone, wear original clothes and spoil yourself with the creations of quality from our partner brands! With Loëla, you keep fishing and style in February!

How to dress in February?

Who said you can't be stylish even at -5°C? For trendy dressing in February, we adopt the layering method. Put on daytime lingerie under your clothes and voila: you can wear a trendy outfit without feeling cold! In terms of style, we focus on elegance and chic. We stay feminine and we don't hide under 3 big wool sweaters! We wear pretty colorful embroidered tops for the vitamin touch as well as loose trousers to slender the silhouette. For a bohemian and romantic outfit, we adopt a long cardigan with a large knit under a pretty dress wrap-over dress. Accessorize everything with a beautiful felt hat and a wide belt with a round buckle to be at the forefront of fashion! As for shoes, we add the final touch with original trainers or silver ankle boots! In February, we're having fun with dazzling outfits!