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Grand Cabas Loëla - LOELA SELECTION SAC A MAIN pour femme
Loëla Large Tote Bag Sale price$10.00


Because the handbag is our favorite accessory, because it serves to make our lives more practical, Loëla has selected for you bags adapted to all situations. Find your it bag of the moment with this varied collection. We challenge you not to find the gem in our shop!

The handbag: a woman's best friend

What would we do without our handbags? Well, not much… In turn, they will be our faithful assistants, the fetish piece of our look, or both at the same time! Impossible to limit yourself to a single model, that would mean that you would have to choose. And to choose is to give up. So no, we do not give up having multiple handbags! They lift our spirits every day, reveal a part of our personality and make our life much more functional. When there are those who accompany you every day on the slightest outing, there are also those who are reserved for special occasions.

The must? Being able to match your bag with your little purse or slip a mini pouch< into your shopping bag t21> with her makeup inside.

Which handbag to choose and for which occasion?

Accessory our flagship outfit, we couldn't do without it. But how to choose your handbag? So many choices are available to us, so many variations, colors, materials... The first thing to know: you have to choose your bag according to your needs. Have you ever fallen for a bag, but never taken it out because it didn't suit you? Too small or too big or too flashy...

First make an inventory of everything you want to put in your bag (phone, keys, make-up, tissues, pack of cigarettes, chewing gum, purse, wallet, pen, notebook, diary, sunglasses, medication, etc.). Then ask yourself the question, for what occasion are you going to use it? Finally, sort and look in our selection! You will find woven leather bucket bags, mini zipped bags, shoulder bags; or even large wicker baskets to store everything and leather satchel bags with adjustable straps for a guaranteed vintage effect.