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Robe Rafaela IMP MARKET - LAUREPLUSMAX Robe pour femme
Rafaela dress Sale price120,00 €
Robe Romana VERT MOUSSE - LAUREPLUSMAX Robe pour femme
Romana dress Sale price95,00 €
Robe Romie COQUELICOT - LAUREPLUSMAX Robe pour femme
Romie dress Sale priceFrom 100,00 €
Robe Ryta VICHY MAGENTA - LAUREPLUSMAX Robe pour femme
Ryta dress Sale price110,00 €
Robe Raja FUSCHIA - LAUREPLUSMAX Robe pour femme
Raja dress Sale price100,00 €
Sold outRobe Maud FUCHSIA - GRACE ET MILA Robe pour femme
Maud dress Sale price59,00 €
Robe Marissa ECRU - GRACE ET MILA Robe pour femme
Marissa dress Sale price109,00 €
Robe Manola ROSE - GRACE ET MILA Robe pour femme
Manola dress Sale price85,00 €
Robe Gloria NAVY - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Gloria dress Sale price99,99 €
Robe Giulia JAUNE - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Giulia dress Sale price89,99 €
Robe Gienowefa ROUGE - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Gienowefa dress Sale price89,99 €
Robe Geronia CARAMEL - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Geronia dress Sale price89,99 €
Robe Gemila PURPLE - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Gemila dress Sale price89,99 €
Robe Guilmette NOIR - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Guilmette dress Sale price99,99 €
Robe Ginnette BRICK - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Ginnette dress Sale price89,99 €
Robe Gislhaine JAUNE - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Gislhaine dress Sale price99,99 €
Robe Gerlinde ROSE - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Gerlinde dress Sale price75,99 €
Robe Glenda NOIR - SEEUSOON Robe pour femme
Glenda dress Sale price89,99 €


For a wedding, an evening, a cocktail party, for work or just to treat yourself? Dresses are your everyday allies. At Loëla, we attach great importance to your femininity. This is why we offer fashionable dresses for a guaranteed bohemian chic look.

Discover our pretty selection of dresses to impress!

Dresses, an essential part of the wardrobe

What woman doesn't have dresses among the clothes fashion in her closet? Do you know any?

Thanks to the exclusive Loëla collection, you are sure to have the most original wardrobe! Long dresses with adjustable straps, short asymmetrical dresses with ruffles, V-neck dresses with long sleeves… Wrap cut, fitted cut, straight cut… All the pleasures are here to feel beautiful every day.

Opt for fantasy with a pretty long flowery and colorful dress that will offer you the winning duo: comfort and lightness. Did you know that the flowing long dress can be worn with sneakers? Remember to mix styles, we often get very nice results. A nice women's long vest or a women's denim jacket will be perfect to complete your outfit.

Summer and winter alike, the dress bears witness to your femininity and we can bluntly say that dresses are real pillars for your wardrobe!

Choose the right dress according to your morphology

Loose or fitted cut, there is a model adapted to each female morphology. First expert advice: choose a dress in which you feel valued and comfortable. It's common sense, but not all models are suitable for all silhouettes! To be sure of making the right choice, the sales assistants at Loëla are always ready to provide you with their help and professional advice.

If you're petite, avoid long dresses that will tend to bunch up. Prefer short models matched with pretty sandals or heeled pumps. For the older ones, good news ladies, you can practically afford anything! Long dresses, short dresses, asymmetrical cutouts, with or without a belt... Leave your dear little black dress in the closet and go for originality!

You're more like long skirt + women's blouse ? Go take a look, we've unearthed some little wonders!