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Many stores offer big discounts the day after Thanksgiving. This holiday is known as Black Friday. In the United States some stores are open from midnight. Others stay open all night and offer a great selection of women's clothing at bargain prices.

At Loëla, we know that you love this essential moment to buy our winter outfits at the best price. So here are some tips for shopping during Black Friday. Once you know the basics, you'll be able to make a stylish fashion selection! Unlike Cyber-Monday, when the majority of independent shops are closed, BlackFriday is the day with the biggest discounts and the most models available.

Fashion stores usually extend their opening hours for Black Friday, so customers can shop at their convenience. Some stores offer special sales and promotions, other merchants have even decided to open their store on Sundays! These proposals are a great way to make BlackFriday more accessible. On our online store you can buy all our collections of dresses, shoes or cozy sweaters for winter without having to go to the store.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to shop online for less or gift your loved ones. This year we have decided to extend the return deadline until December 31st so that you can return your gifts if they are not suitable.

As you can see, Black Friday is a great opportunity for fashion fans. The best deals are usually published on our online store, but you can also try on other clothing models in store. Remember to add the site to your favorites and subscribe to the newsletter so as not to miss out on future promotions. By subscribing to the Loëla newsletter you will have access to discounts and special offers. So you can find the best deals on your favorite women's clothing!