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Article: 6 Funny and Quirky New Year's Traditions

6 Traditions du Nouvel An drôles et insolites - Loëla
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6 Funny and Quirky New Year's Traditions

Dressing up, enjoying a good meal with loved ones, counting down the seconds, shouting “Happy New Year! and kissing... These are the New Year's Day traditions in France! 🇬🇧 But what about other countries? The New Year is celebrated differently around the world. 🥳 Some customs are sometimes surprising, very funny, even sometimes crazy! Do you want to discover them? Let's explore New Year's traditions around the world together! 🌎

1. Eating 12 grapes in 12 seconds: a fun Spanish tradition

In Spain, it is customary to swallow 12 grapes when the clock strikes 12. This very special ritual would bring 12 months of luck in the new year. Many people therefore challenge themselves on D-Day to swallow their grapes as quickly as possible. The lucky winner gets happiness, luck and prosperity! This tradition is so famous in Spain that it is broadcast live on television. Take part in this unusual custom with friends: laughter and a good atmosphere will be on the agenda. You will see that it is not so easy to eat 12 grapes in such a short time! To succeed in this challenge, clever little ones do not hesitate to remove the seeds and the skin of the grapes! 🤫

Tradition du Nouvel An en Espagne

2. Throwing old objects out the window: a surprising custom in South Africa and Italy

To start the year on a fresh footing, South Africans in Hillbrow or Johannesburg have a tradition of throwing old furniture or appliances out the window worn household goods. Residents are getting rid of microwaves, ovens, televisions and even computers: an surprising tradition, but also dangerous... So you have to be careful in the streets on New Year's Eve! In the same vein, in Italy in Naples, several people have taken to throwing old objects out of the window on the night of December 31 . According to them, it is a sign of renewal, they abandon the useless and the surplus: promise of a new beginning! 🏁

3. Jumping over a wave 7 times: a New Year's tradition to grant wishes in Brazil

Every December 31, Brazilians gather on Copacabana beach for a New Year's tradition original! At midnight, they join the ocean fully dressed to jump over 7 waves. 🌊 For each jump, you have to express a wish or gratitude for something that happened in order to also receive others this year. It is also customary to wear a white New Year's outfit to drive away evil spirits and renew energies. For those living far from the coasts, there is an alternative to this custom! In order to have your wishes fulfilled, you have to jump 3 times on the right foot or stand on a stool with the same foot.

Coutume Nouvel An Brésil

4. Watering the locals in Thailand 3 days before the new year: the water festival

In Thailand, locals celebrate Songkran, a festival to mark the Buddhist New Year and the start of the rainy season. It takes place not at the end of December, but in April. 3 days before New Year's Eve, a gigantic water battle takes place in the country! Thais water each other, but also tourists on vacation! Believing that water purifies and wards off bad luck, they enthusiastically spray each other with guns, cannons and water balloons.🔫 Temples and Buddha statues are also sprinkled with scented water It's a jovial party where good humor reigns!

5. Throwing plates at neighbors' door at midnight in Denmark: a funny custom

As unusual as the ritual in South Africa or Italy, in Denmark, we happily throw dishes at the neighboring doors! 🍽️ Breaking plates on December 31 is believed to bring good luck! So they smash chipped or damaged dishes on the doorstep of their loved ones' homes as a sign of affection. The bigger the pile, the more this ritual brings happiness, success and wards off evil spirits! An amazing and loud New Year tradition!

6. Drinking Wishes in Russia: A New Year's Good Luck Tradition

In Moscow, Russia, residents write their dearest wishes and desires on a piece of paper and then immediately burn them. But it doesn't stop here. They then do a surprising thing: they collect the ashes and add them to their glass of champagne! When the 12 strokes of midnight strike, they sip their cup: Tchin! 🥂 The custom is to think that by ingesting them, wishes will come true during the year. What a funny tradition!

Tradition Russie voeux

Among these 6 New Year's customs around the world which one appeals to you? 🎉 For an unusual New Year's Eve, take part in one of these traditions!

While waiting to celebrate this holiday with dignity, read our article to take advantage of the Christmas markets in France!


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