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Article: How to dress for Christmas and New Year? | Our advices

Comment s'habiller pour Noël et Nouvel An ? | Nos conseils - Loëla
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How to dress for Christmas and New Year? | Our advices

You can't wait to meet your loved ones for a delicious Christmas meal or to celebrate the New Year with friends? Are you ready to party and dance the night away? 💃 So make way for the festivities! 🥳 Only one small detail is missing: your outfit! On these occasions, extravagances, rhinestones and sequins are in order. But how to dress for Christmas with the family or the New Year in a festive way without looking like a disco ball? You have to find the right balance: difficult, but not impossible! To shine during the holidays, follow our valuable tips! ✨

How to dress for Christmas and New Year? The details that make the difference

Christmas and New Years are the perfect occasions to get your 31 and bring out the big game! 🌟 Provided, however, that you don't fall into too much! Of course, we are focusing on clothing and accessories that are out of the ordinary, but in small doses! To do this, we avoid the accumulation of strong pieces, different materials or bright colors.

During this period, the dress is THE most popular piece, but not just any piece! Leave your everyday dresses in the closet and make way for sparkling models! To embody the holiday spirit, we choose an original piece! The jumpsuit is also a very popular garment to ensure an elegant and irresistible look. You can of course opt for other pieces: tops, skirts, pants, sweaters, bodysuits, etc. The goal is to wear a classy outfit for the New Year with a touch of madness! 🤪

In terms of materials, we adopt noble fabrics for a neat look: velvet, cashmere, satin, linen or even a touch of lurex for its metallic look! In addition to beautifying you, these materials will keep you warm. You want to be the most beautiful of the evening, but would not like to fall ill a few days after the holidays! 🥶 So, how to dress for Christmas without catching cold? Prefer quality fabrics as well as daytime lingerie for your winter outfits!

Finally, we favor small festive details: gold or silver colors, essential for parties, a glamorous low-cut back, small doses of sequins , colorful prints for a touch of good humor or even a fashionable animal motif!

Robe motif animalier pour Nouvel An et Noël

Our clothing ideas for New Years and Christmas

Are you hesitating between several pieces or lacking inspiration to find the perfect outfit? Discover below some of our ideas to be glamorous during the holidays ! 🎉

How to dress on Christmas Day? Comfortable and chic outfits!

To combine comfort and elegance on New Year's Eve, opt for flowing pieces in which you will be comfortable throughout the evening.We avoid tight-fitting pieces to enjoy the hearty dinner without being compressed! Here are our ideas for cute Christmas looks:

  • the essential little red dress that will reveal your silhouette and give you a healthy glow, accompanied by black pumps and golden accessories;
  • a pretty metallic pleated skirt with a high neck top and an original pair of tights and heeled ankle boots for a girly look;
  • a fitted jumpsuit with black lace combined with a loose jacket with gold sequins and a pretty pair of heels;
  • a patterned black blouse and straight pants and silver accessories

How to dress for the New Year? A sparkling and festive look

For New Year, we're betting on even more extravagant pieces to welcome the new year in style! ⭐ Below are some party looks that won't go unnoticed!

  • a black tuxedo with silver detail and paired with pumps for a daring and terribly glamorous evening outfit;
  • a total metallic gray look to shine brightly;
  • a golden or silver top combined with black velvet trousers and stiletto heels;
  • a straight colored jumpsuit as well as a black blazer and heeled ankle boots;
  • a silver skater skirt and a black sweater combined with a pair of fancy tights (wild patterns, bows, polka dots, stripes, etc.).

Tenue de Noël chic

With these outfits, you will be a sensation in everyone's eyes! Choose from these looks, those in which you will feel beautiful and good. Are you a luscious woman and want to highlight your figure? So, how to dress for Christmas when you're plump? To sublimate your morphology, we recommend that you bet on straight cuts and round necklines. Are you tall and have a marked waist? Fitted dresses or jumpsuits will be your allies!

🎁 Don't have any gift ideas for Christmas to give your mother or friend? Does she know how to dress for New Year's Eve? If she hasn't found the perfect outfit yet, give her a nice piece of festive fashion!

Essential fashion accessories for the holidays

During holidays, we dare to use original and bling-bling accessories! Be careful not to overload your outfit. If it already has touches of extravagance, bet instead on accessories that are both chic and simple. On the contrary, if you have opted for an elegant and sober look, then treat yourself! Here are the essentials to accessorize a party outfit! 🎊

Handbags and evening clutches

Swap your everyday bag for a more chic model! At Christmas and New Year, pieces with sequins, sequins and silver or gold details are welcome! For an even more festive look, choose a pretty pouch!

Pochette Nouvel An Mila Louise

Festive jewelry

As for jewellery, we favor quality and chic pieces: golden hoops, colored sleepers, semi-precious stone bracelets, precious stones, rhinestone cuffs or necklaces with tassels.Select sparkling models!

Shiny hair accessories

Hair accessories have been in vogue for some time and are used on festive occasions to add sophistication to a hairstyle. On tied hair, add a beautiful pearly pearl barrette or a velvet headband. For a more discreet touch, bet on a thin golden clip.

Thanks to our advice, you have discovered how to dress for Christmas and New Year! We hope that one of our ideas has made you fall in love and we are waiting for you on our eshop to find beautiful fashion pieces for the holidays! 👗🎊


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