4 fashion trends to adopt in 2020

Who says new year, says new fashion trends! What accessory to wear in 2020? Which iconic piece to adopt in 2020? What color to add to your wardrobe in 2020? We have the answers to all your questions!

The return of Oversized and XXL in 2020

Good news for Mary Poppins who carry their whole life in their bag, in 2020 XXL bags are making a comeback. In particular the shopping bag, the centerpiece of this year 2020. In leather, we favor bright colors for a touch of modernity. In fabric, we mix prints and patterns. The shopping bag is the perfect piece to brighten up a sober and classic outfit. As for clothing, we put on puff sleeves, embroidered XXL collars and oversized dungarees. In 2020 you feel as good in your sneakers as in your clothes!

Ethical fashion and natural materials in 2020

The fashion world's resolution for 2020? Produce and consume better. So we fill our closets with clothing made in France and in Europe. We are also turning to eco-responsible materials such as organic cotton, linen or recycled synthetics.

Lots of pastel colors and patterned fabrics in 2020

Lovers of powder pink, lime green or pale blue will be delighted to learn that the 2020 color trend is pastel. From the first rays of the sun, we love light dresses in soft tones. We also rely on patterned fabrics. Like, for example, the cashmere printthat can be found on silk shirts or pleated skirts. Once again this year, the vegetal pattern rules the roost. Leaves come in all shades of green: tropical green, botanical green, fir green... And multicolored flowers adorn dresses, skirts and jumpsuits. The feeling of being in summer all year round!

Denim in all its forms in 2020

Since the 90s, denim has remained a staple in our wardrobe. In 2020, it comes in several forms: mini-shorts with fringes, denim jacket or even XXL overalls. The king of denim is still jeans. It is raw, faded or flared, both chic and relaxed. Once again we don't hesitate to let ourselves be tempted by coloured jeans. But also by the trend of tie & dye fabric.

Which 2020 trends will make you succumb?