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Article: All about the symbolism of jewelry

Tout savoir sur la symbolique des bijoux - Loëla
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All about the symbolism of jewelry

Historically, jewellery has been worn by women and men all over the world. Fashion accessories par excellence, our jewelry says a lot about our personality and conveys many connotations and symbols. Whether luxury or fantasy, jewelry has a symbolic value for each of us. Decorative or real symbolic intention of the jewels, discover right away the meaning and role of the jewels! 🔮

What are the uses of jewelry today?

It is obvious that, nowadays, jewelry has an almost exclusively decorative role . As proof, we give them as gifts to our loved ones, but we also give them to ourselves! 🎁

Necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring… For everyone, all these jewels are real fashion accessories. The useful jewels that were still worn a few generations ago are doomed to disappear. First of all, the pins, useful for closing a vest, hardly exist today. Then the hair combs fell into oblivion. Finally, the signets with the coats of arms of the great houses are not really fashionable anymore.

The watches remain, faithful to the post. Much more used, however, as original bracelets rather than to tell the time! Something that our smartphones do today better than anyone!

Today, the jewel has become "disposable", with the rise of costume jewellery, we no longer consider the jewel as a rich person family inheritance.

pendentifs symbole bijoux

Jewellery: symbols of love

Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings have strong symbolism, especially when they are offered! 💎 Rhinestones, precious stones, semi-precious, gold, silver, the choice of materials is important. But the most important thing lies in the meanings of the jewels to know before offering them! At the risk of making a lot of mistakes, it is better to be advised. 😉

  • The ring: it has a very important and deep meaning. Of course, it is synonymous with commitment. This is why you have to pay attention to the symbolism of the ring before offering one to someone! 💍👰🏻
  • necklaces and bracelets: they are more common and less meaningful. They are offered equally to men and women without any symbolic commitment. However, it remains jewelry. Not to be given to the first person who might misinterpret this gift! 🤩
  • The earrings: their symbolic of love is not as stronger than for rings. Nevertheless, a lack of taste very quickly arrived. So before giving someone a pair of earrings, make sure you know their jewelry expectations.

symbole bague amour

Role of jewelry throughout history

The jewelry has had a very very strong history for centuries. It crosses the ages taking with it or abandoning the symbols conveyed.Thanks to this accessory, each individual could claim to belong to a certain social class or to a particular group or people. It could also translate a political, religious, ethnic or even esoteric affiliation .🤴🏻

symbole bijoux histoire

Here are some of the roles and functions that the jewel has taken on throughout history:

  • 📿 religious role : some jewelry is used to celebrate certain religious events (baptism or communions for the Catholic religion, for example);
  • 💰 function of currency/currency: jewels have served as currency, during certain periods of history, depending on the materials used to make them;
  • ⛩ rite of passage : in some ancestral cultures, jewelry was reserved and passed on to those who passed particular tests;
  • 🛡 protective function: talismans and other natural stone jewelry with specific meanings;
  • 💎 social status affirmation function : still used today, depending on the value of the jewel, it reflects the social category;
  • 👸🏽 aesthetic role: this is its primary function today.
symbole amitié bijoux

You are now unbeatable on the symbolism of jewelry. You shouldn't make any more mistakes when you have to give your darling a gift ! Symbols of love or friendship 🔗, jewels have embellished us every day, and have been since their earliest existence! So long live these little ornaments that amuse and fascinate us!


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