Going out in Pau: 9 unmissable bars where you can have a drink

"Where are we going tonight?" Shall we go for a drink? " Oh yeah ! But when you want to go out in Pau at night, like anywhere else, you might as well have a great list of very nice bars to discover! To make it easier for you to organize your evening, we have made a small selection of Pau bars that we love ! From the bars of Boulevard des Pyrénées passing through the Castle district and Hédas, we reveal our favorite landmarks! So if you want to know where to have a drink in Pau, it's here! ⤵️

Cool bars in downtown Pau

The advantage of Pau city center is that you can park your car in one of the car parks in the center and walk throughout the city centre. It's also very practical when you come for a day shopping in Pau. The city center is full of very cool little bars, we have selected some of them to give you some ideas for places very nice to go out in Pau.

🍺 Au Fût et à Mesure: beer bar with an original concept!

📍 31 rue Bernadotte

Do you know the concept of this franchise? It's very original! Ideal for a aperitif with friends or an afterwork, Tail and Measure invites you to sit at a table and serve yourself independently on the beer dispensers in the center of the table. Thanks to a rechargeable card (which you load in euros as soon as you arrive at the bar), or you order at the bar by connected tablet , or you can use it directly from the printer of your table. Innovative concept that will appeal to beer lovers but also gourmands: beautiful charcuterie boards, cheese, etc.

Au Fût et à Mesure Bar à Pau

🎸 The Garage: American rock

📍 47 rue Emile Garet

This Irish pub is known to everyone in Pau! Not only does it eat well, but the deco is just incredible! We literally dive into a 100% American-style garage atmosphere based on rock! At any time of the day, in the Garage, you can drink a pint of Guinness or a good Whisky and we eat a homemade burger (delicious!) or a fish & chips. The team is dynamic, friendly, very efficient (the place is huge, you have to provide service!). An unmissable address, just to discover the decoration and the atmosphere.

Le Garage Bar à Pau

🎲 LaludiTavern: games bar with a crazy atmosphere!

📍 11 rue Valéry Meunier

The principle of Laluditavern is simple: you can eat, drink, while playing the board game of your choice! A host advises you, explains the rules and off you go for an evening of jokes in family, as a couple, with friends.Everyone is welcome, even Sunday players! Hundreds of games for all ages, an efficient map and an awesome team to serve you! An ideal place for an original outing in Pau!

Laluditavern Logo

Note that the board game shop (to buy) LaludiKavern is at 8 rue de Foix

"Everyone likes to play If you don't like it, it's just because you haven't found the right game!" »

Exit in Pau on the Boulevard des Pyrénées

The Boulevard des Pyrénées is this 2 km long balcony with a view of the Pyrenees that runs from Parc Beaumont to the Château district. It was built on the model of the English walk in Nice! We love to walk there (the view is truly incredible!) and above all, we go out there for to have a drink in Pau ! You will find 3 trendy bars at 📍 20 boulevard des Pyrénées. The Place To Be for moving around in Pau!

Les bars du Boulevard des Pyrénées

🦘 The Winfield: Australian bar (but without kangaroo)

See you in Australia! This Australian bar serves very fresh Foster (of course!), but not only! From morning to night, the terrace is full. During the day, we stop here with the family to take a break, we take a sunbath facing the Pyrenees and we sip a drink in relaxation mode . In the evening, meet there with friends for a lively and trendy evening based on cocktails (with or without alcohol) and beers. Lounge spirit, dark decor and fluorescent neon lights welcome you to have a great evening.

🍀 Galway: heading to Ireland

This time, we're going for an Irish/British atmosphere with this pub decorated in shades of green, its wooden furniture and its Irish decor. A multitude of varieties of beer is on offer. Sometimes calm, sometimes lively, this bar succeeds in brilliantly recreating an authentic Irish atmosphere. The bar is full to bursting during sporting events!

🍸 Le Café Russe: elegant and intimate

The 3rd bar on Boulevard des Pyrénées in our selection is the unmissable Café Russe. The welcome is friendly, the decor is sober and elegant. We love the small platform with the leather armchairs. An intimate atmosphere ideal for a couple outing in Pau. The large terrace faces the Pyrenees, we love to sunbathe there in the middle of the day while having a tea or a coffee. The menu is varied with a rum and whiskey cellar large and well thought out. And if you're peckish, at any time, you can fall for a platter of charcuterie, sheep's cheese or a sweet pancake!

Have a drink in the Château and Hédas district

If you pass through thecastle district, there are a few must see bars where the weather is good stop have a drink. For going out at night in Pau, it's a very nice neighborhood (great for eating there too!). The Hédas district is located below the Château de Pau. It was completely renovated in 2017, since then this district has been an must-see place for going out in Pau with bars, restaurants and entertainment.

🍹 Le Snug: tailor-made homemade cocktails!

📍 1 rue du Château

If you want to drink a quality cocktail, made tailor-made, just for you, it Snug is the place to go! In a cosy atmosphere, intimate, friendly and warm, mixology professionals (the art of creation of cocktails) welcome you with homemade cocktails, fresh seasonal fruits and spirits well chosen More than 350 spirits are available for sale accompanied by wise advice. With family or friends, come and have a good time seated on the terrace facing the Château.

Le Snug bar à cocktails à Pau

🍷 Au Grain de Raisin: a wine bar to remember!

📍 11 rue Sully

wine bars are popular in Pau! In a very pleasant pedestrian street, Au Grain de Raisin welcomes you with jazzy music, rhythm'n'blues from the 60s and offers you a extensive wine list. Red, white , rosé, around forty wines by the glass are on offer. While sipping your drink, you can choose from the dishes to nibble on : plates of regional charcuterie (local producers), cheeses, terrines, tapas and tapenades. Warm atmosphere, wooded atmosphere, you will spend good time with friends or family, without a doubt!

Au Grain de Raisin Bar à vin à Pau

💡 The Imperfect: off the beaten track

Bar l'Imparfait logo

📍 20 rue du Hédas

Here, we remake the world. In all directions. Brainstorming is going well on the terrace. This bar off the beaten track welcomes a mixed and varied clientele. Go into this bar at sunset for an aperitif and come out after closing time after attending a concert.

Now you have no more reason to stay locked up at home without knowing where to go out in Pau at the weekend ! And before you have tested all these addresses where to go out in Pau, you should not be short of ideas for a moment! Warning: alcohol abuse is bad for your health, consume in moderation! 😅