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Article: How to dress well when you're little? Our tips

Comment bien s'habiller quand on est petite ? Nos astuces - Loëla
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How to dress well when you're little? Our tips

Anything small is cute, right? But what a headache for dressing well when you're little ! Short skirt, long? Pants, shorts? High heels, ballerinas? When you are 1.50m tall, you have to make the good choices clothing so as not to give the impression of being shriveled up and completely blending into the background. This new article in our "fashion tips" section should bring you some very useful tips! So follow these tips and wake up the self-assured woman in you!

The ideal outfits to wear when you're little

In general, we will prefer clothing rather close to the body than loose and too baggy outfits . We choose the fitted cuts which flatter the silhouette and the high waists. And above all, we don't hesitate on the heels, you can do anything without being afraid of looking like a big jig, so have fun! 😆

Favorite tops 👚

The crop top is your best ally! With its ultra-short cut, it allows you to cheat on the volumes and makes you gain a little height especially if you wear it with high-waisted shorts.

crop top

Skirts to favor 👗

Short skirts and mini skirts are 100% allowed. You can choose straight, ruffled, patterned skirts, anything goes! Mini lengthen your legs, especially slightly flared models with high waists.

Dresses to choose from 🥻

As with skirts, we prefer short dresses! But whatever the model, it is better that it is well fitted, not too baggy. V-necklines elongate your figure and make you look taller!

Robe courte Loëla

Pants to wear 👖

high waists are welcome (choose a regular size if high waisted pants aren't your cup of tea). The ⅞ pants are also perfect, they lengthen your legs (especially if you wear them with pumps, that's the best!). Slim, jumpsuit, straight pants, fitted shorts, the choice is vast.

Tricks to look taller

🎨 Color: the darkest at the bottom (shoes) and the lightest at the top (hat) trying to degrade the tones from bottom to top.

👱‍♀️ Hairstyle: if you have long hair, wear it in a high bun and gain a few precious centimeters.

💎 Jewellery: the long necklaces do a great job!


Clothes and accessories to avoid when you're little

It's almost a matter of common sense, but we still see too many bad tastes in short women which give an effect "I got lost in my clothes" 😳.So, we avoid packing down your figure, enhance your buttocks, lengthen your legs, give volume to your body! And for that, we ban:

  • ❌ midi skirts (which stop at the calf);
  • ❌ the capri pants;
  • ❌ long, loose dresses;
  • ❌ long jackets and coats;
  • ❌ low waists;
  • ❌ wide clothes, XXL;
  • ❌ flat shoes (ballerina type);
  • ❌ clothing layers;
  • ❌ big tote bags;
  • ❌ Towering Jewelry

➡️ Don't forget to choose your accessories carefully! Watch out for missteps!

Outfit advice according to your morphology

Small, thin, round, belly, hips, short legs, in short, there's always something that gets stuck, isn't there? 💡 Here are some tips for finding your outfit according to your morphology.

❔ How to dress when you are small and thin?

If you are petite and not very tall, the trick is to wear overall short clothes. Short skirts, tops above the navel (crop top) with high-waisted skinny jeans, jackets cut above the waist, etc. . Opt for large patterns, fancy prints and flashy colors to give volume to your silhouette.

choisir dans son dressing

❔ What outfit to choose when you're small and curvy?

Your curves can be concealed and your figure elongated thanks to flowing fabrics and monochrome clothing. Wear short skirts with opaque tights to refine your thighs (40 or 50 denier mini). Think about vertical shapes that make you taller: open jackets, v-necklines, asymmetrical cuts, etc.

❔ How to dress when you're petite with a belly?

Your tummy can be easily camouflaged with a few very simple tricks. Fluid, loose fabrics are great for concealing the belly. A sweater tucked into jeans or a peplum top that emphasizes the waist and hides the belly thanks to its flared shape. We're also thinking of a fluid dress that doesn't reveal any roundness. Finally, show off your neckline is also a good way to attract the eye elsewhere than on its complexes!

❔ What outfit to choose when you are small with hips?

small women with hips will opt for slightly long tops (but not too long, so as not to pack down the silhouette!). The idea is to hide the beginning of the hips with a jacket or blazer that ends below the waist and thus camouflages part of the buttocks. Forget about low-rise pants, we prefer trousers adjusted to the waist. We don't hesitate to wear heels that refine the silhouette and, in addition, will make you taller.

femme sur une plage au coucher du soleil

Do you still have doubts about what outfits to wear when you're little ? I hope these tips of small size women's fashion are useful to you!
But don't forget one thing: whether you are short, tall, thin, round, with hips, without breasts, etc., what matters is is to feel good in your sneakers! 👟 😎


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