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Article: How to dress in Winter? | Fashion advice

Comment s'habiller en Hiver ? | Conseils mode - Loëla
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How to dress in Winter? | Fashion advice

In winter, we only dream of one thing: staying warm in a cocooning outfit. We prefer cozy and comfortable clothes rather than style. We activate the hibernation mode and we lose the will to compose great looks... The arrival of the cold should not prevent you from wearing trendy outfits! Whether it's raining, windy, hail or even snow, it's entirely possible to stay stylish in winter and shine even at -5°C! So, how to dress elegantly for this winter without risking getting sick? 🥶 We give you all our precious advice on winter looks to adopt! ❄️

How to dress in winter? The Secret to Staying Warm

The best solution when the cold makes an appearance is to multiply the layers of clothes! Without, however, looking like the Michelin man! 😂 Wearing several sweaters under your coat won't do you any good, except sweat! You have to learn to master the art of layering and play on the accumulation with delicacy! Difficult, but not impossible! To help you stack the pieces in a practical and useful way, here is our secret!

Use the 3 layers rule! Only 3 pieces on the upper body are enough to keep you warm and comfortable and comfortable all day long. Outside you won't be cold, inside you can take off a few clothes with confidence. Adopt your new allies: invisible daytime lingerie (bodysuits, camisoles, tank tops, etc.) that will act as a second skin! Also bet on chunky-knit vests, warm wool sweaters as well as oversized coats. As the day progresses, you can undress while being stylish! For the lower body, opt for tight leggings or thick tights under your pants. Also remember to protect your feet with breathable cotton socks. 🧦

Here are some examples of women's clothing overlays for winter dressing:

  • A bodysuit, a turtleneck sweater dress and a chunky cardigan. For the bottom, warm tights and ankle boots.
  • A shirt, a sweater over then a long woolen coat. For the bottom, velvet pants with fine tights underneath and shoes lined.
  • A camisole, a linen blouse and a jacket in faux fur. For the bottom, a suede skirt, thick leggings and waterproof boots.

💡 Cover up as much as possible and don't forget the extremities: head, hands and feet.

S'habiller en hiver femme

Warm winter outfits essential in a wardrobe

Stacking several pieces will keep you warm, but wearing clothes made from quality materials will be even more effective! 🌡️ At Loëla, you will find many brands offering items made in noble fabrics: ideal for being stylish and warm! We recommend that you choose one of these materials: wool, cotton, cashmere, silk, faux fur, linen, velvet or suede. In addition to protecting you from the cold, they are very comfortable to wear and let the skin breathe.

Let's now review the clothes to wear in your dressing ! Here are 10 winter basics:

  1. A sweater dress: the key and feminine piece of winter! It's an essential to bring out every year 👗
  2. A turtleneck sweater: the ideal trendy top for chilly people to wear in all colors to brighten up this time of year!
  3. A chunky-knit cardigan: for an irresistible girly look, curl up in this warm, cocooning piece.
  4. Warm pants: protect your legs with velvet bottoms, a fashionable material!
  5. A suede skirt: to wear under leggings and combined with a sweater, it's a basic for dressing chic in winter.
  6. A pair of thick tights: to continue wearing pretty dresses or skirts, bet on opaque tights.
  7. A hat or beanie: fight the cold with an elegant accessory. Trendy felt hat or wool beanie, take your pick!
  8. A scarf and gloves: winter essentials! Choose a cozy scarf that may or may not match your gloves. 🧣
  9. An XXL coat: to go out without catching cold, invest in a beautiful quality oversized coat for the trendy side!
  10. Waterproof and lined shoes: boots, ankle boots, waders, a wide choice is available to you. Opt for comfortable and warm models. 👢

Tenue hiver stylée

Dress in winter according to the occasion

Are you lacking inspiration to compose beautiful winter looks? Discover our winter outfit ideas for different occasions! ⬇️

What look to adopt for a cozy weekend?

Make the most of a relaxing weekend, wrapping yourself up in a large, ultra-comfortable colorful sweatshirt and soft, silky trousers. The casual winter outfit par excellence! To stay trendy, add a pair of glitter sneakers! ✨ If you go out for fresh air, opt for a long, straight wool coat.

What outfit to wear in winter to go to work?

Depending on the dress code of your company, the outfits will not be the same. Do you want to opt for a modern working girl look? A classy outfit for women in winter? Head for a white linen blouse to pair with a thick blazer and belted pants. As for shoes, black heeled ankle boots go perfectly with this style.

Look chic en hiver

How to dress for a winter wedding?

Are you invited to a winter wedding? Here is an idea for a guest outfit: a trouser jumpsuit adorned with sophisticated details such as gold inserts or an openwork back, a fitted mid-length jacket and a pair of pumps. Accessorize the look with beautiful silver jewelry and a velvet clutch. Don't forget the daytime lingerie to protect you from the cold in complete discretion.

How to dress in the evening in winter?

To go out to a bar, a restaurant or go to dinner with friends, we highlight our figure in a beautiful dress or skirt! Are you afraid of catching cold? 🤧 To wear a skirt in winter or a dress, choose warm materials and also wear thick tights, but not any one! Adopt fancy models for the trendy touch: polka dots or even geometric patterns!

Thanks to our advice, you have discovered how to dress fashionably in winter All you have to do is face the cold with class! ☃️

If you're already looking forward to warmer weather, check out our tips for dressing for summer in hot weather!

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