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Article: How to dress up for a job interview ?

Comment s'habiller pour un entretien d'embauche ? - Loëla
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How to dress up for a job interview ?

"The habit does not make the monk"! It's like "money doesn't buy happiness", but it does, doesn't it? It's always a headache to imagine how to dress for a job interview! When you are a woman, you have the feeling that it is easier to dress, that you have no more choice of clothes, but we can quickly make mistakes that could cost us our future job! Are you wondering which outfit to choose to make a good impression on your future recruiter? Well, here are some tips for dressing well for your interview!

Tips for a successful job interview

📄 Yes, it's the CV that counts, you have to show your skills, blablabla... Certainly . But one thing's for sure, you'll never get the job you want with ripped jeans and chewing gum in your mouth! You don't dress just any old way at a job interview, there are certain codes to respect. 🔐

femme chewing-gum

💡 Tip #1: Give an idea of ​​your personality

The image you send back is extremely important. The smiles you make 😁, your gestures, your "non-verbal" attitude. But we are not here to provide coaching in communication techniques, but to give you advice on your outfit. Your outfit should reflect a part of your personality. This can be through accessories (colourful, discreet, extravagant, sober, etc.).

💡 Tip #2: Cover up your tattoos

Even though it's discriminatory to deny hiring someone with a tattoo 🐉, you'll need to cover them up when t2>maintenance. Indeed, they can be perceived as vulgar or ostentatious and some employers are still reluctant to do so. Long sleeves, tights or pants, there are different ways to make yourself discreet.

femme tatouages

💡 Tip #3: Forget your favorite jeans

Of course it gives you wonderful buttocks, but that's not what we're here for! 👖 ❌ jeans should clearly be avoided. Except in certain circumstances (always keep your sense of common sense!), if he is dark and minimally "dressed".

💡 Tip #4: Be comfortable in your clothes

It's essential and it's the first thing you need to pay attention to! If you don't feel good in your clothes (too tight, not elegant enough, generally not comfortable), firstly, it will feel and secondly, you will totally screwing up your interview! A professional outfit for a job interview, you have to prepare in advance, you have to work on it, you have to try it on. Choose a comfortable and practical outfit in which you are comfortable. No need to overdo it.

What outfit to choose for a job interview?

It is quite obvious that the ideal outfit for a job interview must always be considered according to type of company in which you are applying. It's common sense, but it's important to remember.The codes are not the same everywhere, far from it! If you have an idea of ​​the dress rules specific to your professional sector, then respect them 👔

1. What to wear for an internship interview or a work-study program?

The image you convey is very important in the decision of your future employer ! Anyway, as a future intern, you have no experience. So you'll have to bet everything on the good impression you're going to make!

Get rid of ripped jeans, high-cut sheer tops, jeggings, etc. We forget the accumulation of bling bling accessories, 👑 we play it soft!

jean troué

2. What dress to work in a business?

Your clothes reflect who you are, but above all, what you sell. And all the more so when you work in a fashion store, ready-to-wear, jewelry, etc. Imagine the saleswomen at Loëla arriving to work in Gothic style 😅! Or the saleswomen of a big jewelry store wearing multi-coloured fancy accessories !

bijoux femme

3. What to wear for an interview in a bank?

It's not a myth, if you apply to work in a bank 💼, you have to make a really effort in clothing. Indeed, according to the rules in force, you may have to work as a tailor. Your outfit should really make your future employer feel that you know the codes well.

4. What to wear for an interview in a start-up?

Once again, you need to know the rules that are practiced in the industry! No suits, no high heels, let alone a blazer jacket. Come as you are (hey, that reminds me of a slogan 🤔 )! Jeans, t-shirt, sneakers. It does it. Why ? Because very often start-ups are positioned in the vast Web sector and face to face with customers n exists only through a website. And then, it's an environment where we break the codes: the pace, who cares. On the other hand, you will have to shine with your ideas, your taking the initiative and your ambition! 🏅

femme start up

What shoes to wear to a job interview?

Shoes are very important, they complete a look. Again, you will have to be discerning. If you are not used to walking in high heels, forget about it! You won't look any classier, you just risk being ridiculous.

If you are afraid of being overdressed with heels 👠 and too good a little girl with ballet flats 🥿, bet on a pair of derbies 👞! They are elegant, a little androgynous, often perfect for an interview. Your accessories should also be chosen carefully, for some guidance on the subject, take a look at this article!

Remember: a dirty, poorly maintained or damaged pair of shoes will reflect a negative image, you will come across as a careless person. Your shoes must be impeccable.

The watchword: be good in your sneakers! (finally, you understood!) 👟

How to dress for an interview in summer?

First of all, if you missed our article how to dress in summer ☀️, it may bring you some additional tips In the case of a job interview in the summer, I must admit that the task is difficult! It's hard to reconcile the formal aspect of the interview with the irrepressible urge to undress 🥵! Anyway, relax as much as possible, you risk sweating from stress and getting very nasty rings under your arms (I know, easier said than done!).

So how do you avoid having too casual an outfit for your interview?

  • a jacket with ¾ sleeves can be perfect;
  • a flowy blouse or blouse will be great;
  • prefer natural materials such as linen (be careful not to crease them too much, though!);
  • avoid skirts that are too short (even if it's hot!);
  • forget plunging necklines and tight-fitting clothes;
  • bet on an asymmetrical skirt cut instead;
  • AND don't forget, you have to feel comfortable!

Let's conclude simply and keep in mind this maxim from Coco Chanel:

✨ "You won't get a second chance to make a good first impression"! ✨


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