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Article: 4 tips to feel sexy in your clothes!

4 astuces pour se sentir Sexy dans ses Vêtements ! - Loëla
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4 tips to feel sexy in your clothes!

Are you wondering how to look more feminine? Being sexy is above all about having self-confidence and accepting yourself as you are. Even if you follow all our precious fashion advice, nothing will replace your self-confidence. Assuming your personality, your physical assets, but also and above all your weaknesses, will undoubtedly allow you to make yourself sexier everyday life and to radiate. Did you know you could be curvy AND sexy? 😎
Nevertheless, these few fashion tips should help make your wardrobe more glamorous so you always feel sexy in your clothes !

1 - Wearing a dress or skirt to be sexier 👗

First tip for you to feel sexier in your clothes: prefer dress or the skirt to pants. Choose a fitted dress or adorn it with a belt at the hollow of your waist. Opt for a pencil skirt that perfectly matches the shape of your body. Similarly, skirts with slits represent a true symbol of femininity.

Robe courte Loëla

2 - Showing your skin 🧜🏼‍♀️

All the clothes and materials that will help uncover the skin will allow you to enhance your femininity and make you sexier. Here are some ideas for a guaranteed glamorous look:

  • a plunging neckline;
  • a sexy halter top;
  • a garment with a slightly transparent fabric;
  • lace (very very glamorous!);
  • a piece of clothing cut (or with holes).

robe courte en dentelle bord de mer

3 - Thinking about knots, laces and zips: symbols of femininity 🎀

A small, discreet knot is always welcome. It alone represents a strong symbol of femininity. The advantage, it can be located almost anywhere, it will always do the job! On a shoulder, at the waist, in the hair, in the back, on the chest.

The laces and zips exacerbate your feminine and sexy side in a completely natural way. A neckline slightly open thanks to a zip or an untied lace and you're done! The laces reach the height of the sexy attitude when they are worn on the lingerie (with a corset in particular)!

top noeud Loëla

4 - Lengthen your legs for a glamorous effect 👠

Another way to become sexy in the blink of an eye is to lengthen your legs with silly tricks. As you know, wearing high heels lengthens your silhouette (we mentioned this in our tips for dressing well when you're little ). But, have you considered wearing seamed tights? You know, that understated but awfully sexy seam that runs the length of the back of your leg… High waists and marked waists do a great job for make you feminine.

escarpin à pois

Bonus (and very obvious) tip 💡

Ladies, beware not to follow all these tips at the same time! Remember that it's all in the dosage! The neckline in the front, the neckline in the back, the slit skirt, the high heels, the lace and the transparency, pfiou… you know what I mean? 😬

➡️ Avoid too much and be sexy without being vulgar!

While some women will feel sexy in their lover's shirt, others will need ripped jeans or glamorous underwear Every woman has its own personality and will feel seductive in its own way, so it's up to you to find yours! I hope these fashion tips help you feel sexy in your clothes and give you that little touch you've been missing .

But after all, feeling sexy, isn't that just a state of mind? 😉

femme coucher de soleil

Find all our fashion tips and other fun tips on Loëla Journal 😍


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