Top 5 Trendy Long Dresses of the Summer

The sun is shining, summer is coming! ☀️ The good weather makes us crave lightness, what could be better than beautiful long trendy dresses to feel good about your body and your mind? We love them loose, fluid, comfortable, bohemian style and without the fuss.

Complete your summer wardrobe with our advice. We have selected, just for you, the 5 trendy summer long dresses. Attention, favorites guaranteed!

robe longue tendance été

N°1: The long floral dress

We love the long floral dress for its bucolic side which brings a bohemian-chic look to any silhouette. 🌸 🌼
It brightens up women's days with its warm colors. It can be found in wrap cut, with long, short or slightly puffy sleeves. No need for a lot of accessories, a small thin belt to emphasize the waist will be perfect. Break up the romantic side of the
long flowery dress a bit by wearing white sneakers in the city, and accentuate its elegant side by wearing pumps on more formal evenings.

Robe longue fleurie

N°2: The long bohemian dress

We're going to be very honest, the long bohemian dress is one of our summer favourites. Its big advantage is that it can be worn in all circumstances and with many varied accessories (large wicker bag, flat sandals , etc), we affirm this boho style that we love. As soon as the fine weather arrives, what a great pleasure to take out this flowing dress with straps in which you feel so comfortable! You can even play with prints (love for ethnic prints). It really is the must-have of any wardrobe. 👗

Robe longue boheme

robe longue boheme loela

N°3: The long slit dress

Ideal for showcasing your legs and having a super sexy look, the long slit dress is made for chic, sensual women. You wear it on all occasions: during the day, in the evening, it will always have its little effect. Elegance and charisma, that's what she exudes. For a style at the height of glamor, opt for the color white. The long slit dress is perfect as a chic and trendy long evening dress at the same time. Consider sprucing up your outfits with pretty accessories. We recommend the top trendy jewelry from Zag, real little marvels!

Robe longue fendue

N°4: Long dress with exotic prints

Need to escape? Want exoticism? It's perfect, choose a long dress with exotic prints. Several styles are mixed. We can find animal print (parrot, toucan, leopard, zebra, etc) 🦜 or rather jungle tropical effect with palm leaves and very colorful hibiscus flowers 🌺 . Advantage: you can often find this long trendy dress for cheapr!

Hmm, it smells like vacation! 🌴

N°5: The plain and flashy long dress

In summer, it's true that you can afford a lot of things! Well among the trendy summer long dresses, we find the plain long dress in flashy colors. This year, the fashion trend is color. We dare! Saffron yellow, candy pink, bright red, the warm color palette opens up to you. Warm your heart as much as your wardrobe with these shimmering colors.Bonus: they enhance your tan and enhance your skin

Robe longue rouge

You got it, the summer fashion trend is the long dress! And you? What is your favorite long trendy summer dress? Have fun! 💜

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