In the office, what outfit to wear for a chic and casual look?

It's not easy to combine comfort and style in the office. Sneakers, suits, neckline how to know which style to adopt within a company… the whole thing, as often is to know how to dose. Here are some ideas to avoid a fashion faux pas at work.

Finding the perfect balance

Unless you work in a start-up full of twenty-somethings or in a gym, it's going to be difficult for you to come to the office in basketball and jogging. To tfind the perfect look for going to work, one that combines comfort and elegance, you will have to find the right balance and above all not overdo it. We say yes to stylish city sneakers, provided they are accompanied by a small blouse or high-waisted pants that highlight your silhouette. No need to overdo it either, if you have decided to wear high heels, it would be in bad taste to accompany it with a mini-skirt or a plunging neckline. We stay sexy without falling into the vulgar. Modesty is often synonymous with elegance, especially in the office.

The essential pieces in the working-girl's dressing room

In order not to make any mistakes in your look at work, there are a few key pieces that are safe bets for going to work.

Shirt or blouse: In the family of nice little tops that go with everyone, we chose the shirt. Elegant and simple at the same time, it will go perfectly with trousers, jeans or even a pleated skirt. Choose plain for a more serious style at work or bet on pop patterns and colors if you want to bring a little fantasy to your style! A nice blouse will also do the trick!

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High-waisted trousers: Depending on your morphology, choose the shape of bottom that suits you best: carrot, paper bag...even the jean is possible, as long as it is accompanied by a blouse or an elegant blouse. If the boyfriend shape is to be avoided in some companies, a straight or slim fit will be perfect to combine style and comfort at the office!

The coat: In winter, you can opt for a straight cut wool coat for a preppy-chic look that will have its effect. As soon as the temperatures rise, bet on the trench coat that will bring a British touch to your style!

The handbag : This is the accessory not to forget to complete your outfit. If you have to bring several documents or a computer with you, opt for an elegant leather or faux leather tote bag. Fans of small bags will also find what they are looking for.

Shoes : Once again, you will be spoiled for choice on shoes to wear to work. If you are comfortable with heels, go for it, they will enhance your silhouette in the blink of an eye. Choose block heels for more comfort all day. For more comfort, why not opt ​​for derbies or moccasins which are safe bets? Finally, if your box allows it, don't hesitate to put on some city sneakers!