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Article: Why are chinos so popular?

Pourquoi le pantalon chino a-t-il autant de succès ? - Loëla
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Why are chinos so popular?

You must know him. It is essential. Surely you have one. But what is it? chinos of course! He is so successful that we can't decently ignore him. If chinos are an essential part of any self-respecting dressing , let's try to understand why they are so popular!

👯‍♀️ Reason #1: it combines casualness with elegance

What are chinos? These are the famous cotton canvas trousers, the perfect compromise between casualness and class . Its shape is very similar to that of jeans, which makes it a bit versatile, and gives a "relaxing" effect. But these are straight trousers in lighter canvas, which allows them to adapt easily to all types of situations in the daily life.

🍾 Just pair it with a dressy top and a pair of pumps to shine in evening.

👩‍💻 Highlighted with a leather belt, the chinos accompany you in your workday!

🛍 Rolled up and worn with a pair of trainers and a sweatshirt, it never leaves you for your weekend shopping.

Pantalon chino happy ocre

🌵 Reason n°2: chinos adapt to different morphologies

Are you wondering for what body type are chinos suitable for? Good news, ladies! Neither too wide nor too tight, the chino pants adapt to many body types! The cut is ideal and as it is worn in a rolled-up 7/8, it will suit you whether you are small or tall.
While slim or skinny pants don't suit all body types, for chinos, it's just the opposite! Anyone
will look good with it! Figure-8 body types, V-shaped silhouettes, although they have a straight cut, it remains loose all along the leg. His crotch is ultimately quite wide and his cut tightens slightly at the calf. Thus, it does not weigh down your silhouette.

Pantalon Chino happy rubis

Don't hesitate to take a look at all the other pants in our collection! 👀

🎨 Reason #3: There are multiple colors of chinos

Did you know? Chinos were originally men's pants used as military uniforms. It is therefore traditionally beige, brown or khaki. But in recent years, chinos have become more feminine and above all, they have taken on color! It is now available in multiple colors (just take a look at the Happy chinos collection offered on the shop)! From hyacinth pink to purple, ruby ​​red or royal blue, all colors of chinos are possible! The fairly classic colors that we find are black, navy, khaki chinos. But there are also magnificent pastel colors: terracotta, imperial green, horizon blue, snow, pumpkin, etc.

Pantalon chino Happy prune

Pantalon chino happy pourpre

👡 Reason #4: chinos are worn with different shoes

As we mentioned above, depending on the rest of your outfit, your chinos will sometimes give you a look relaxing, sometimes elegant.Or both at the same time! Being comfortable and classy at the same time is the dream, isn't it?

Without complex, wear your women's chinos with the following shoes for different styles:

  • pumps: to give a totally glamorous note of modernity; 👠
  • low boots with animal prints: an exotic-chic look; 🐆
  • flat sandals, ballet flats or Spartans: to give a breath of femininity; 🥿
  • a pair of lace-up Derby shoes: to adopt a masculine style; 👞
  • a pair of white sneakers, low sneakers: total relaxation on the weekend 👟

Basket Oslo - Beige

💰 Reason #5: Chinos are cheap

Well, of course there are nuances to be made. According to the brands, according to the manufacturers, we find all the prices. The key is to succeed in finding the chinos with the best quality/price ratio that exist. Well, at Loëla, we think we've found it. Better, we are sure. As you know, our priority lies in the comfort of our customers. We will never offer a garment that we are not sure of its manufacturing quality. That's why we've selected the chino pants from the Happy brand, which border on perfect comfort to very reasonable prices. 💸

Do you understand better now why chinos are so successful? He still has many good years ahead of him!


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