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Article: Your Loëla shop is committed to the environment!

Votre boutique Loëla s'engage pour l'environnement ! - Loëla

Your Loëla shop is committed to the environment!

This is a very important topic! Thanks to you, online orders are becoming more and more frequent, we are really delighted and we thank you warmly! But this therefore means that deliveries are increasing, and with them, the pollution generated by packaging, the emission of CO2, etc. We are very sensitive to the ecological impact generated by our deliveries and we have been looking for solutions for a long time to act at our level. Well, it's done! We wanted to explain to you concretely what our actions are and why we made these choices. So how do you reduce the impact of shopping on the environment? In this article, we explain the choices we have made and how you too can take action! 🍃

Deliveries: possibility to opt for a reusable box!

The first thing we thought about was delivery boxes 📦 . Indeed, when you place an order and when you receive your package, you realize that the size of your garment does not match, or the color chosen is not 100% as you imagined. Well, we offer you the possibility of returning your parcels for free if one of the elements of your order is not suitable. 📫

Of course, the vast majority of orders are 100% fit and packages are only returned to us on rare occasions. However, when these packaging come back to us, they are still in perfect condition and we have to throw them away 🤦 🏼‍♀️ . Without your permission, we do not reuse packaging that has already been sent and then returned.

From now on, you will have the possibility to act in this direction at the time of your order! As soon as you validate your basket, a checkbox will appear:

I prefer recycled packaging.

Rest assured, your package will arrive in the best possible condition and in perfect condition! So, it's up to you! 😉

Panier Loëla emballage recyclé

Reforestation in France: 15 trees planted per month

The impact of CO2 generated by our deliveries has greatly led us to think about a concrete solution. We have set up a partnership with EcoTree to plant 15 trees per month in a French forest. 🌲

Ecotree Logo

EcoTree is a French start-up specializing in sustainable development. It takes up abandoned forests and old clear cuts, then replants them, favoring species adapted to the regions and the mixture of species to promote biodiversity.

EcoTree implements methods of sustainable management of their forests and a silviculture close to nature . 🍀 With this sustainable management, forests are the source of many environmental benefits: renewal of forests, development and preservation of biodiversity, CO2 absorption, improved air quality, reduced risk of soil erosion, temperature regulation, etc.

Ecotree Loëla

With principles like these, it is only natural that we turn to this sustainable solution 🌱

La Poste group's CSR commitment

We have chosen for years to trust La Poste for all our deliveries . This means that all your parcels are delivered by Colissimo. Either at a pick-up point that you define when placing your order, or by delivery to your home against signature. 🚚

Le groupe La Poste Logo

Well, we are very proud to work with La Poste, because can you imagine that the company has just been evaluated on its CSR policy (Responsibility Societale des Entreprises) and obtained an excellent rating! In terms of the environment and social issues, this very good evaluation rewards the concrete actions carried out by the group. Among them:

  • carbon neutrality: reductions in its emissions and full offsetting of those that cannot be avoided;
  • the use of 39,000 numerous electric vehicles (including 23,000 electrically assisted bicycles);
  • the purchase of 100% electricity from renewable sources;
  • etc.

All this encourages us to continue our partnership with La Poste to ensure your deliveries!

La Poste Loëla

These actions in terms of environmental responsibility are very close to our hearts. We are sure that the same is true for you and that you will help us in this process by opting for recycled packaging in your next order! 👍

Ecotree Loëla


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