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Article: Fashion essentials for traveling this summer

Les indispensables mode pour partir en voyage cet été - Loëla
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Fashion essentials for traveling this summer

The holidays are finally here and it's time for you to pack your bags and go to other places! But now, once in front of your wardrobe, how do you choose which piece to take with you or not? Here are some essential pieces to put in your suitcase this summer to look your best on your vacation photos while remaining practical and comfortable!

Comfort above all

If you plan to spend a few days frolicking in a big city, then it is essential to favor comfort in the choice of your clothes and your shoes. Indeed, walking several tens of kilometers in high heels can quickly spoil your stay. But beware, comfort does not mean letting go! First thing not to forget in your luggage: ua nice pair of sneakers. Practical and stylish, they will allow you to walk without any problem and will match just as well with a dress, a skirt or shorts! If you don't plan on doing too much walking, don't forget a pair of flat sandals either, for a slightly dressier look that's still casual.

At the bottom, we avoid sheath skirts that are not very practical outside the red carpets and we favor shorts so that you can walk, climb and even run without getting too hot. High waisted, in jeans or paperbag, combined with a small light lace or printed will have the most beautiful effect!

Summer 2019 ITs

To make the buzz on Instagram this summer, it is essential to bring with you some key pieces of summer 2019. For the evenings or a day at the beach, we do not forget the long XXL dress with prints that flies in the wind and suits all body types and all styles. Sometimes romantic, sometimes rock, combined with a leather jacket, the choice is yours!

Finally, to be at the top level of comfort without neglecting your style, we think about taking a small wetsuit with you! Short version during the day or long in the evening, it will definitely hit the mark and will enhance your style!

Finally, this summer, wear your prettiest straw or wicker bag to carry all your accessories. At pal plage, we will opt for a large tote bag, while we will favor a small model for your excursions in town.

Sunny accessories

It's impossible to go on vacation without these sunglasses, rectangular, round, XXL, retro-inspired or butterfly... find the model that will adapt to your morphology as well as your style!

Finally, it is impossible to ignore a swimsuit, whether for a lazy afternoon at the beach or for a sunbathing session by the pool. On the top of the podium this year, we find the one-piece swimsuit with a low neckline in front and behind and subtly sexy!

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