How to be a Woman with Style?

Having style” we all dream of it! But what does that mean exactly? It's not just a matter of mode. It's also a question of look and self-confidence. A stylish woman feels good in her sneakers, exudes charisma and stands out from others with her personality as well as its singular tastes. She appropriates her clothes and wears outfits that reflect her individuality. No longer choose your parts according to the diktats of society. ❌ fashion goes out of fashion and beauty is subjective. Reveal yourself with a clothing style that suits you and break the fashion codes! This is the secret to being a woman with style! Below are some tips for staying true to yourself! 💋

Know your morphology🧍‍♀️

Above all else, it is essential to know your morphology. Depending on your shape, some pieces and cuts will flatter you more than others. Your assets will be flattered and your little flaws masked. There are 6 body types : X, H, O, V, A and 8. To find yours, just look in the mirror in invisible underwear and analyze your forms. Choosing the right clothing will boost your confidence! You will feel beautiful in your outfits! 💗

Are you rather short and thin? Highlight your marked waist with dresses or cinched tops and plunging necklines. The straight pants and skater skirts will also be your allies to harmonize your figure. 👌 Got some shapes? Enhance your curves with straight models and high waisted jeans. Are your hips wider than your shoulders? This is the most common morphology in women! Opt for blouses or tunics with ruffles, tops with puffed sleeves or even prints with horizontal stripes. As for trousers, slim down your waist with straight cuts. Finally, if your silhouette is sporty, feminize your curves by revealing your assets. Adopt V-necklines and reveal your legs with voluminous skirts.

morphologies femmes

You now know the ideal outfits to enhance your figure: an essential first step in being a woman with style !

Assert your personality with your style of dress

Having style also means standing out from the crowd, daring to take risks and wearing clothing that is out of the ordinary . The stylish outfit for a woman is the one that suits her! It allows you to reveal your personality and learn a little more about her.

Are nude pumps trendy? But you're not comfortable in heels or don't like this type of shoe? Don't force yourself just to be connected! Instead, opt for a style consistent with your tastes.Do you prefer flat-heeled ankle boots? So, follow your own desires and don't be guided by the dress code of fashion Bohemian, chic, rock, vintage, sexy, girly, whatever your look: dare to be you! 🔥

Style vestimentaire personnalite

Not sure which look to adopt? Here are some dress style ideas! If you are a fan of comfort and casual outfits, go for the casual style or the style streetwear! Affirm your true person through neutral or colorful trainers, fluid basic tops and stretch jeans. Create cool, relaxed and feminine looks to wear every day! Are you more of a fan of the chic style, preppy or classy? Express your taste freely with blouses, cigarette pants, elegant loafers and jewellery delicate! Does the glamorous style thrill you? Treat yourself to characterful dresses and accessories. Do you prefer the rock style? 🤘 Reveal your identity with daring outfits: wide tops, studded boots or even t2>leather perfectos.

Let your personality take control of your wardrobe! Compose your ideal wardrobe with pieces characterizing your uniqueness. But don't lock yourself in a box, dare to wear different styles!

Feel good in your clothes and good in your skin: the secret of a woman with style

A woman with style is someone smiling, friendly and confident. She adopts a upright posture and a assured gait when walking through the streets. She walks with ease and is proud to wear clothes that stick to her skin. His outfit matches his morphology, his personality and his identity.

You got it, wearing a trendy outfit isn't everything! There are so many rules for being fashionable, but really, you only have to follow one rule: dress in clothes like this only shoes in which you will feel good all day long and that will give you the energy! Stand out by betting on looks that look like you! Do you have any physical complexes? That doesn't mean you can't be stylish! Adopt the good pieces according to your silhouette to say goodbye to your little flaws and shine. ✨

Stay yourself with a look that reflects your image!

Femme stylée confiante

Clothing has a real impact on our morale. When you have found your style, a feeling of well-being will invade you! You will send out a positive image, people around you will notice and compliment you. But before pleasing others, it is essential to please yourself! 😘