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Article: Clothing care: advice and recommendations

Entretien des Vêtements : conseils et recommandations - Loëla

Clothing care: advice and recommendations

You're tired of your favorite clothes ending up shrinking, s' damage or lose its shine following a maintenance error? Wash after wash, it's always the same refrain: they wear out and you end up throwing away your good quality. No matter how hard you try to understand the care labels, it's always a real headache! To put an end to this annoying problem, we have compiled our best tips on clothing care for you!
Deciphering symbols, recommendations on cleaning of different textiles and fragile linens as well as our tips for effectively removing stains from your favorite tops or pants! Read on to keep your fashion pieces looking for as long as possible! 🧺👖

Clothing care symbols 💬

To preserve your clothes, it is essential to follow the instructions given on the labels. You must carefully read the laundry care codes before proceeding with washing, drying, ironing or bleaching. 👀 Don't understand the symbols? We are going to decipher for you the different pictograms as well as their meaning!

The washing is represented by a basin. The number inside (often 30°C or 40°C) signifies the maximum temperature at which the laundry should be washed. A line under the tank recommends a synthetic program, two lines for a delicate cycle. A hand in the basin recommends a hand wash.

drying is symbolized by a square with a circle in the middle. The dots in the circle indicate the temperature. Single point: 60°C maximum. Two points: 80°C maximum. If you do not respect the temperatures for the care of your clothes, they could shrink. Who has never ended up with a crop top instead of a tee-shirt, when you had taken care to choose a garment in your size?! 😬

Symboles d'entretien du linge

spinning or natural drying is represented by a square with lines in the center interpreting different processes .

  • a horizontal line: machine spin allowed and dry flat;
  • two horizontal lines: machine spin not recommended and dry flat;
  • a vertical line: approved machine spin and line dry;
  • two vertical lines: do not spin in the machine and line dry;
  • one or two lines in the upper left corner: drying in the shade recommended.

The ironing is drawn by an iron. The dots indicate the ideal temperature. One point: 110°C, two points: 150°C, three points: 200°C.

The bleaching is reproduced in a triangular form. A triangle approves of all types of bleaching. Two oblique stripes indicate that it is possible to bleach your laundry only with oxygenated products.

If one of these pictograms is crossed out, the process is strongly discouraged.Many other symbols exist, but you have discovered the most useful for cleaning your laundry thanks to this maintenance guide!

Care for clothing by material and textile

The ideal wardrobe for a woman consists of many quality pieces, which means that it is important to take care of it during cleaning! Depending on the material of your sweater, dress, skirt, trousers, shirt or vest, the maintenance will be different 👚👗 To know the textile, refer to the label.

  • The cotton can be washed at 30°C and ironed with a hot iron.
  • silk is a fragile material, prefer dry cleaning with a professional. You can also wash at 30°C, but be careful, silk requires special treatment.
  • The linen should be cleaned by hand and ironed with a very hot iron.
  • The polyamide is machine-washable at 30°C and air-dried.
  • viscose can be washed at 40°C and does not require a spin cycle.
  • The polyester can be cleaned at 30°C, air dried without a machine and ironed on a low iron.

Bassine de linge sec

Don't take any risks with your fragile clothes, take them to the dry cleaner and entrust them to professionals. They will care for your clothes to perfection! They will preserve the beauty of your embroidered tops, your cashmere sweaters, your leather jackets or your angora coats. In terms of lingerie, there is nothing better than hand washing in warm water to preserve their glow. Opt for a Marseille soap or a mild detergent, rinse them with cold water and dry them flat.

💡 Washing tips: Before performing the machine cleaning, don't forget to turn your clothes inside out, emptying the pockets and closing the zips. Also choose a quality detergent and always wash your new parts separately the first time.

Removing a stain from clothing

SOS! You've just stained the favorite piece of your dressing ... 😱 Don't worry, it's always possible to recover from this disaster . Phew! For this, you will have to arm yourself with specific products.

To avoid making the situation worse, do not use hot water, as this may set the stain. Also, do not rub the trace, you will only spread it. Finally, do not wash your garment without using a stain remover so as not to embed the stain . To remove a stain easily, it is important to first absorb it. Dab it with paper towel, then quickly run and buy some stain remover to apply before machine wash!

Linge entretien citron et huiles essentielles

Can't go to a store to find the "magic" product that fixes all accidents? Make the stain remover yourself with natural products that you surely have in your cupboards.Depending on the task, here are the ones to use:

  • 🍋 Lemon juice for coffee, tea and wine stains Rub the stain on the garment, then head to the washing machine.
  • 🧴 White vinegar for accidents of tea, coffee, wine also, but also lipsticks and beets . Mix it with cold water and leave for a few minutes, then scrub.
  • 🧼 Marseille soap removes chocolate stains, grease and oil. Wet the area, apply the soap over it and rinse with cold water.

Follow our advice to find your fashion pieces like new! Adopt the right gestures for the care of your clothes: deciphering labels, washing , ironing and drying depending on the textile. Pamper the pretty pieces in your wardrobe so that they will make you look beautiful for a long time to come!


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