What is the Ideal Dressing Room for a Woman?

The ideal women's wardrobe consists of several feminine, elegant fashion pieces and relaxed! First, the basic. Whatever your style, personality or body type, certain pieces are essential in any wardrobe! Sweaters, denim jackets, black pants, etc., these garments are timeless and will accompany you season after season. The perfect wardrobe also consists of more sophisticated outfits and accessories to wear on special occasions: dresses, suits or jumpsuits. Are you lost with so many coins? We take stock for you of the different outfits you absolutely must have in your dressing ! 👗👚

The essential pieces in a dressing room

Simple and effective, basics are an integral part of any woman basic wardrobe. These clothes will never betray you: they are timeless! Indeed, they cross all trends and years. Don't spend hours choosing your outfit every day! Bet on a pretty basic fashion and you're done: a timeless style, simple and feminine to wear day or night. These clothes enhance your figure and dress you elegantly in the blink of an eye. You won't be able to do without it! In a way, they are the skeleton of yourideal wardrobe. They accompany you for a few years, so it is important to find quality parts made in France.

Here are the 10 basics to have in your dressing room:

  1. a plain V-neck top;
  2. a wool sweater;
  3. a black dress;
  4. navy blue jeans 👖;
  5. black pants;
  6. a denim jacket;
  7. a long coat;
  8. a pair of white trainers;
  9. nude heeled pumps 👠;
  10. brown ankle boots.

Tenue basique femme Loëla

Prefer basics in neutral colors : white, beige, grey, black or brown. In the morning, no headache! Put on a wool sweater, jeans and a pair of trainers: a casual and modern style guaranteed! You can also combine a timeless piece with other, more original pieces from your dressing for a trendy look!

Chic outfits for going to work or going out with friends

In the ideal women's wardrobe, there are also sophisticated outfits to wear to work. You can opt for the basic fashion pieces listed above or choose more elaborate and chic clothes according to the dress code of your company. Your wardrobe will consist of different types of clothing depending on your job! You don't wear the same outfits in a business, a bank, a start-up or even during a job interview! If the casual style is accepted, bet on a timeless piece such as a simple top, black pants and sneakers white. On the contrary, for some professions, the look reflects your credibility and professionalism.In this case, your wardrobe should consist of buttoned shirts, chic dresses, skirts pencils, fitted blazers and pumps Take care of your style and your appearance with office!

For your outings with friends, you need chic and sparkling outfits! 💃 This is the perfect opportunity to combine one of your basics with a strong piece of your dressing room! Wear a pretty ruffled top in fushia pink with your timeless black pants! You must have in your wardrobe clothes in which you feel good and beautiful for your outings! Bet on outfits that highlight your curves and shapes: low-cut long dresses, straight skirts or even fluid combinations.

robe longue noire Loëla

Timeless and elegant fashion accessories

To complete your wardrobe, you need fashion accessories! They will be your allies to enhance your basics and bring a touch of pep! Thanks to them, you will have that little extra that will make all the difference on an outfit. A must-have for the ideal women's wardrobe !

Some accessories are timeless and will always make you look good, whatever the trends and trends. seasons! mechanical watches, in particular, have the power to add a touch of elegance instantly! ⌚ Opt for the essential gold steel watch to dress your wrist. To brighten up a look, nothing better than a delicate thin necklace or a refined necklace: the flagship jewels in a dressing room. As for earrings, hoops and sleepers are basics that every woman should have. To affirm your femininity, they will be perfect.

Also, in order to refine your style, do not hesitate to add a pretty belt. You should choose this fashion accessory according to your outfit. Are you wearing a dress? Mark your waist with a wide belt in black or brown with a gold buckle. The braided belt remains a timeless and chic piece. Finally, if you could only have one fashion accessory in your wardrobe, it would be a leather handbag! 👜 This iconic and practical piece perfectly completes a look. For a timeless accessory, head for a brown shoulder bag.

Don't overlook these little details in your wardrobe. They are the key to a stylish look!

Building the ideal women's wardrobe: our tips

Before running to your favorite stores to find the perfect pieces that will complete your wardrobe, do some tidying up! Sort your clothes and keep only your favourites. The rest ? Direction Emmaüs, the Secours populaire or the Red Cross. Many sites also exist to carry out a vide-dressing room and sell the parts that you part with. 🛍️ After completing this step, organize your dressing room by category! Winter outfits together and summer ones opposite.Use storage boxes for your underwear as well as your shoes to protect them from dust Store your dressing room properly , will allow you to easily find your clothes and not be late in the morning looking for your favorite sweater!

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You can now shop at thrift stores or local shops in your town to buy some pretty nuggets! Don't hesitate to come and browse our eshop! At Loëla, you will find the best pieces to create the ideal women's wardrobe! Our sales assistants will be happy to advise you on choosing the perfect clothes according to your morphology and completing your dream wardrobe ! 😍