Dream dressing room: storage tips and tricks!

The favorite piece of women is the dressing without a doubt! A sacred place where we can give free rein to our imagination, no more big traditional cabinets that take up too much space!

You don't need a big budget to make a dressing room. Wardrobe bars, pull-out baskets, shelves, trouser racks, etc. There are a plenty of inexpensive tricks for making your own top dressing room. Well, I grant you, you have to get your hands dirty and know how to tinker a bit if you want to limit the costs to have your dream dressing room.

Here are some ideas to help you tidy up your closet!

dressing pour femme

Sort it out!

Start by sorting through your clothes. You'll find clothes you didn't know existed... We often pile too many things that we never put on and we could benefit other people.
Sell them on Vinted or donate at drop-off points! It's an essential step to tidy up your dressing room, it's also the way to buy new pieces missing from your wardrobe!

Next Sunday, take two short hours and a big card (or two...). 😉

vêtements imprimés pour femme

Treat yourself to a shopping session

Now that the sorting is done, you can afford to do some shopping! Adopt colors like green, coral but also prints!
Long dresses, short skirts little flowery blouses but also basics that you may not yet have in your wardrobe. dress.

Give some color to your wardrobe! This year, Happy surprises us with pretty spring/summer colors. Cotton chinos to wear with trainers and a top for a casual and colorful look. Dare the colors!

Chino Happy femme

Organize your dressing room

At Loëla, we put our clothes in wardrobes, by color. From yellow with green, pink with khaki, blue with coral, we create outfits to already have an idea of ​​the look to wear.
You can also organize your dressing room by categories in order to find you easily. T-shirts together, jeans together. Store them on hangers if you have the space, otherwise stack them on shelves.

rangement vêtements pour femme

You have no more excuses now! Your dressing room must be at the top! It's so nice to get up in the morning and contemplate your dream dressing room before choosing your outfit for the day! ☀️