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Article: How to know its Morphology? | Clothing Tips

Comment connaître sa Morphologie ? | Conseils Vêtements - Loëla
Conseils Mode

How to know its Morphology? | Clothing Tips

Are you more of an A, an X, an O, an 8, a V, an H… or rather lost? 🤔 Not so easy to navigate among all these forms of female bodies! Knowing your morphology is the best way to enhance your silhouette! Some cuts, styles, and pieces will show you off more than others. You must be aware of it in order to magnify your assets! ❤️ Do you want to discover your morphology? So, follow our advice!

Know your female morphology: how to do it?

Fashion is all about balance and volume. We seek to harmonize silhouettes and enhance each body. Thus, when you know your morphology, you will be more likely to recognize the pieces that will flatter you! You will therefore be able to dress in clothes in your size that will fit you well and in which you will be irresistible! So you can put together your ideal wardrobe and be a stylish woman, well in his clothes according to his morphology and in his skin! 🥰

To determine your morphology, the first step is to look at yourself in a large mirror and analyze your shapes from head to toe. In order to clearly discern your body, wear underwear or close-fitting pieces and stand up straight. Observe yourself from top to bottom:

  • Are your shoulders wide or in line with your hips?
  • Are your breasts generous?
  • Is your waist marked or do you have some curves?
  • Is your figure slender or luscious?
  • Are your hips thin or wide?

Connaître sa morphologie femme

Note that if you lose or gain weight, it won't change your body shape. You will always have the same shapes, because this is your bone structure. You should also know that there is no ideal female morphology. Each has its strengths, you just have to learn to value them! Take for example, one of your favorite celebrities, it can be Jessica Alba or even Beyoncé. Do you think she has a dream body? Well, you may have the same! If you highlight your silhouette correctly, you will be just as beautiful as your idols and can even steal ideas for looks from them! 😎 Let's take a look at the body types of these famous women.

  • X morphology: Laëtitia Casta, Rihanna, Blake Lively;
  • H morphology: Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham;
  • morphology O: Adèle, Melissa McCarthy, Oprah Winfrey;
  • morphology V: Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Pink;
  • morphology A: Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira;
  • morphology 8: Marilyn Monroe, Monica Bellucci, Chopra Priyanka.

So which star do you look like? To find out your body type, keep reading! 👀

How to dress well according to your female body type

You have learned about your shapes and curves, now it's time to discover our guide to women's morphology! 📝

Female morphology X

Are your shoulders and hips in the same alignment? Do you have a marked waist and are petite? You are an X. Emphasize your waist with fitted and low-cut dresses or tops as well as straight pants.Dare to be original with extravagant pieces Draw attention to your harmonious proportions!

Female morphology H

Is your silhouette slender and straight? Your waist is not marked and your hips are aligned with your shoulders? You are an H. High-waisted pants and skirts as well as flowing dresses will be your allies! 👌 For the record, this is the morphotype of most models!

Woman morphology O

Are you a luscious woman? Do you have a few shapes and a generous chest? You are an O. Bet on round or square neckline tops, straight dresses and high-waisted jeans to enhance your curves!

Morphologie femmes

Female morphology V

Sporty silhouette, square shoulders, slim waist and hips: do you recognize yourself? Then you're a V. Feminize your morphology by revealing your legs under a skater or voluminous skirt. Opt for V-necklines and figure-hugging tops.

Woman body type A

Are your hips wider than your shoulders? Your bust is small and your thighs rounder? This is the most common female morphology: A. Is this the case for you? Highlight the upper body with ruffled or horizontally striped tops as well as tight dresses. 👗 On the pants side, straight cuts will be ideal.

Woman body type 8

Do you think you're an X, but have some roundness in your thighs, buttocks and hips? Generous and harmonious shapes? Your morphology is an 8! Mark your waist with fitted outfits, skinny pants and high-waisted skirts to enhance your curves.

Which colors, materials and prints to choose according to the different morphologies of women?

With the help of our advice, you should be able to know your morphology! You know how to choose the pieces and the cuts to embellish your silhouette. But what about the colors, materials and prints to favor? Here are our recommendations! ⬇️

Are you an A, with wide hips and thin shoulders, and want to balance your figure? Opt for discreet shades on the lower body and sparkling on the top. Dark blue, black or khaki pants to pair with a woolen jumper or lycra top with original prints. Wearing clothes in light colors on your upper body helps to illuminate your face. ✨ Conversely, people with the morphology V will have to emphasize the lower body: skirts with wild, floral, geometric and colorful prints!

Are you an O and want to reduce the volume on your upper body? Prefer low-cut tops in soft colors: pastel pink, off-white, light blue, etc. In addition, these shades will lengthen your silhouette! On the printed side, choose delicate and small-touch patterns. Avoid woolen clothes and prefer silk, more fluid, which will flatter your curves. 🌸

Are you an X or an 8? You have the choice ! Bet on a bright color printed on the upper or lower body.But be careful, not both at the same time, at the risk of composing an overly busy look! Do not hesitate to add an eye-catching belt to mark your waist! The H can also afford to wear bright colors, but to feminize your curves, we recommend that you adopt the colors and patterns on the lower body: green pants, brown checkered shorts, blue floral skirt, etc. Regarding materials , treat yourself: cotton, wool, silk, etc.

Vêtements morphologie femme🔴 In summary:

  • we highlight our strengths with bright colors;
  • we hide our little flaws with discreet shades;
  • we opt for vertical lines to lengthen the silhouette;
  • we prefer horizontal lines to accentuate an area of ​​the body;
  • avoid wool and lycra on the parts you want to hide.
You got it, the key to radiating and being irresistible is to know your morphology! It's up to you to have the fabulous looks that will suit you perfectly! 🤩


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