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Article: How to choose the right fashion accessories?

Comment bien choisir ses accessoires de mode ? - Loëla
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How to choose the right fashion accessories?

fashion accessories are perfect everyday allies to enhance an outfit. They add style to any “classic” look. Never underestimate their importance! However, be careful not to do anything wrong, because not all styles match, and a faux pas in bad taste can happen quickly! Of course, it's easy to get lost in this diversity of colors, materials, models... Not only do you want to collect many accessories, but we love them so much we wish we could all wear them at the same time! The key is not to go overboard, while letting your creativity express itself...

We have decided to concoct a little guide so that each of you can know how to choose the right fashion accessories. What a story to be a fashion victim! 😇

What's in the fashion accessories?

Whatever the season, there is no shortage of accessories! The list of fashion accessories is long and very varied! Here are the daily essentials:

sac à main Loëla

Choose your accessories wisely: not too much is needed!

You already know this, but a little clarification is always welcome. There are some mistakes not to make! In fashion, it's all about dosage. Even if you adore, passionately, madly, all your jewelry, well, you will have to make a choice. Especially since I know some of them who love oversize formats… so be careful! One at a time, ladies! Massive necklaces, big earrings, big rings with big stones… Are you following me? Ostentatious is fine, but in moderation.


Pay attention to the combination of accessories

💡 Tip #1 : to wear your accessories well, you need to be on the lookout for the 'perfect harmony. Let me explain. A belt cannot be thought of independently of a handbag or its shoes. A fancy colorful ring does not go well with a thin, golden bracelet.

You don't wear anything, anywhere and anyhow at the risk of looking like a Christmas tree. If you have any doubts about the association of an accessory with your clothes, there is probably something wrong.

pochette Loëla

💡 Tip #2: If you're having trouble finding the right accessory with the right outfit and it all becomes a real headache, well, be minimalist. Don't put any, just to "put some", have taste! And choose small sizes that go everywhere: fine rings, small earrings, chain bracelets, etc.

collier Zag Loëla

Adapt your accessories to the situation

📋 Situation n°1: meeting at the office, a super important presentation in front of all the colleagues Your credibility must be max. So, we refrain from wearing earrings in the shape of little hearts, flowers or stars… You see what I mean? Here again, minimalism and discretion are in order.

🤵 Situation #2: Stilted evening with the in-laws (or anyone for that matter). You have to make good impression without letting yourself go. Exit pumps with 10 cm high heels, rhinestone belts and bling bling in general. If in certain circumstances rhinestones and sequins are perfectly suited, in this situation, these accessories can have a vulgar connotation.

🚸 Situation n°3: Sunday outing with the children. Treat yourself! We take out the seed beads, fancy jewelry, funny necklaces (no, not the shell necklace of the youngest, don't push!).

bracelet enfant coloré

Where to find cheap fashion accessories?

There are a multitude of possibilities to find cheap and very nice fashion accessories.

The best place to find stylish accessories is at Loëla Boutique of course! The Zag brand jewelry is just to die for (really, we love it!), and the other accessories of all kinds really bring that hippie-chic touch , casual boho.

Their affordable price allows you to change accessories according to your desires and often have fun. And then, let's be honest, if the savings made on accessories allows you to afford this super hot dress, then it's won (far be it from me to push you to consumption, but have you taken a look to the latest collection??😱).

Now you have some good tips to perfect your look and avoid making any more unfortunate associations. From now on, choosing your fashion accessories should no longer be a headache every morning!

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