Brunch in the Basque Country: Good Addresses!

There's nothing better than a good convivial brunch to meet up, share a pleasant moment and enjoy little treats: it's a real Sunday pleasure! Treat yourself to a savory and sweet feast combining breakfast as well as lunch. Avocado toast, scrambled eggs, pancakes or even acai bowls make you salivate? So, go to one of these best addresses for a brunch in the Basque Country gourmet and tasty! 😋

La Cantine in Biarritz: a healthy and vitaminized brunch

Lover of healthy, vegan and gluten-free dishes? La Cantine in Biarritz will be your place to enjoy a good brunch! In a relaxing decor, calling for serenity, you will enjoy healthy, fresh and balanced products! Every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the bistro gives you an appointment for a gourmet break to share with your other half, your friends or family! The menu consists of cold or hot vitamin drinks, bagels, mixed salads, banana breads, cakes or verrines. This brunch in Biarritz emphasizes taste and presentation: a feast for the taste buds and the eyes! 🤩 Are you visiting the Basque Country? This is an address not to be missed during your stay!

Brunch Pays Basque

Poached eggs in Bidart: a brunch of local and organic products

In front of Uhabia beach in a surf and relaxation atmosphere, come and treat yourself at L'œuf poché à Bidart: a trendy restaurant in the Basque Country! In summer, sit on the terrace and enjoy a cozy moment with your loved ones. On the program: delicious homemade recipes. In the kitchen, you will find cooking enthusiasts! They will offer you hearty dishes made from local and organic ingredients for excellent value for money. Here are some of the dishes available: poached egg sandwiches, buddah bowls, pancakes, smoothies, etc. 🍳

Bali Bowls in Biarritz: a journey of exotic flavors

Fan of totally Instagrammable healthy food? Head to Bali Bowls in Biarritz for a fruity journey! Take a direct trip to the tropical islands and taste many snacks and vitamin superfoods, a culinary trend to die for! Brunch in a bewitching, exotic and sunny setting. ☀️ 🌴 Order the house's signature: coffee made from Indonesian grain mix. Treat yourself without feeling guilty with healthy salty and sweet recipes: poke bowls, acai bowls, homemade granolas, fresh smoothies, etc. A brunch in the Basque Country satisfying and energetic to start the day off right!

Acai bowl Pays Basque

The Beach House in Anglet: a culinary adventure in a heavenly setting

Want to enjoy a brunch in Anglet in a heavenly and unusual place? See you at Beach House! By the pool, have lunch with the family in the outdoor garden. Enjoy every Sunday from 11:30 am, a buffet of local and organic products as well as a delicious drink. A barista is on hand to concoct the best cappuccinos for you! ☕ It's the perfect place to meet up with friends on the weekend for a delicious meal! On the menu, you will find Australian cakes, sweets, cold cuts, salads, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit juice or coffee.

Miramar in biarritz: a family brunch in the Basque Country

Would you like breakfast in Biarritz with your children? 👪 Head to the Sofitel Le Miramar for a Sunday brunch with a view of the sea! Your children will be able to enjoy a buffet room reserved and adapted to their size, a play area as well as creative workshops with a facilitator As for you, you will have access to a hearty meal consisting of yogurts, pancakes, muffins, smoothies, pastries, French toast, smoked salmon, salads, pressed fruit juices, teas, coffees, etc. At the end of lunch, you can also relax in the swimming pool. Each member of your tribe will have a good time in this pretty setting on the Basque coast.

Brunch Biarritz Miramar

Chez Martin in Bayonne: atypical and tasty dishes

Get your friends together for a good brunch in Bayonne! Chez Martin is a resolutely modern bistro. It will give you a great taste experience with unexpected tastes. Every Sunday from 11:30 a.m., the establishment organizes a brunch in a small intimate setting. Inspired by his many travels, the chef offers you atypical dishes! 🌎 He leaves room for improvisation, mixes cultures and concocts real works of culinary art. One thing is certain, Chez Martin, you will enjoy a breakfast in Bayonne that is surprising to say the least!

We have listed above the best brunches in the Basque Country. All you have to do is test all these addresses: yummy! 🍽️

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