Zoom Bijoux: Natural Stones and their Meaning

What a great idea to wear a jewel with a pretty stone! Whether you wear your natural stone set on a ring, in the form of pearls on a bracelet or even as a pendant around your neck, there is no doubt that you will shine! natural stones bring that je-ne-sais-quoi of elegance and refinement. This is why the jewelry that we offer are carefully selected and for the most part adorned with semi-precious stones . In multiple civilizations, stones and crystals would also have beneficial virtues on the organism and the psyche by releasing an energy own. ✨ Discover in this article what is called lithotherapy and what are the meanings of the stones that you will find on the jewels of our selection ! ✨

What is Lithotherapy?

lithotherapy or literally “method that heals by the use of stones is a pseudoscience that seeks to heal and benefit through crystals and precious or semi-precious stones. Lithotherapists explain that crystals naturally emit a singular resonance or vibration that would be able to improve the well-being of the person in contact with the stone.
However, let us remember that these processes and these assertions have not been scientifically demonstrated... There is currently no proof that crystals release a specific energy capable of to tend to. 🧐
natural stones are increasingly popular also and above all because they are beautiful and very easy to wear. So we would be wrong to do without it!

pierres naturelles signification

Meaning of the natural stones in your Zag jewelry

Each Zag jewel adorned with a natural stone is unique. Indeed, the designer has an absolute love for semi-precious stones. Sometimes finely cut or left in its raw state, the stone that you will find on the Zag jewelry in our selection will dazzle you. Let's take a quick look at the supposed benefits of the stones used on our Zag jewelry! 💫

White agate: softness and relaxation

Agate is a stone that can take many colors. Here, white agate can range from pure transparency to total opacity. It is one of the oldest gemstones used in ornaments. It was already worked in Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. It owes its name to a river in Sicily where it was discovered. It belongs to the quartz family.

🔸 Supposed meaning and symbol:

  • stone of softness and relaxation, promotes meditation;
  • brings peace and security, indulgence and tolerance;
  • symbol of courage, longevity and prosperity;
  • fertility, self-confidence, appeasement.

boucles d'oreilles agate blanche Loëla

Onyx: strength and robustness

onyx is a natural stone well known for its deep black color. Its name, which comes from the Greek, means "nail" or "claw". Onyx has been used since Egyptian times, since bowls entirely fashioned from this stone have been found.

🔸 Supposed meaning and symbol:

  • solidity and robustness;
  • wards off melancholy and depression, stabilizes emotions;
  • calms nervousness, promotes self-control and stabilizes impulsive characters

Bracelet jonc onyx Loëla

Tiger's eye: courage and dynamism

Tiger's Eye is a yellow-brown stone with golden brown highlights. This semi-precious stone is said to resemble the eye of a tiger, hence its name. Used since Roman times, then in the Middle Ages, the tiger's eye stone was worn as a pendant to protect soldiers during battles, repel spells and chase away the evil eye and evil spirits. Today, tiger eye is also worn a lot in earrings.

🔸 Supposed meaning and symbol:

  • protective stone, keeps negative waves away;
  • brings luck and courage;
  • gives energy, dynamism, strength of character.

boucles d'oreille oeil de tigre


The stone turquoise was already exploited by the Egyptians. This stone has been found in the form of a bracelet on the arm of certain mummies. It was also used in Persia as currency, but also by the Aztecs, Native Americans and Asians. Today, it is widely used in jewelry for the making of many pieces of jewelry : bracelets, rings, necklaces

🔸 Supposed meaning and symbol:

  • communication and listening, strengthens friendships and soothes anger;
  • allows you to fight against fatigue and moods.


Labradorite: security and protection

Discovered in Canada at the end of the 18th century, Labradorite is a stone much appreciated for its changing color and its petrol green-blue and metallic appearance. According to Inuit legend, the Northern Lights first appeared after an Inuit warrior struck a labradorite stone with his spear.

🔸 Supposed meaning and symbol:

  • protective stone, absorbs the negative and acts as a shield;
  • harmony and rebalancing of the aura;
  • brings a sense of security, regenerating stone.


Jade: power and balance

jade is a natural stone which was named by the Spanish conquistadors in the early 15th century. The jade stone was then worked extensively in the Orient. In China, it was used to make artistic objects. The stone represented the Emperor and absolute powers.

🔸 Supposed meaning and symbol:

  • stone of power and harmony;
  • objectivity, mediation, balance;
  • reduces irritability, conveys a feeling of peace.

collier jade Loëla

Amber: soothing and stimulating

A mysterious yellow-orange resin, the Amber Stone was discovered thousands of years ago and was the subject of many trade routes. The first amber pendants appear around 12,000 BC. The different kingdoms in history have all used and worked amber.This stone results from the fossilization of vegetable resins following the very significant climatic changes that upset the world millions of years ago Amber is one of the 3 precious stones of vegetable origin (with diamond and jet).

🔸 Supposed meaning and symbol:

  • relieves teething pain for babies;
  • rest and sleep aid;
  • painkiller and anti-inflammatory.

Ambre collier

There are dozens and dozens of precious and semi-precious stones and it would take more than an article to review them, just like on the symbolism of jewelry, by the way. That's why we bring you the meaning of natural stones mainly used as ornaments on Zag jewelry that we offer on the e-shop.

So, which jewel did you choose to give yourself a little pleasure? 💎