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Article: 7 Activities to do in Pau with Children

7 Activités à faire à Pau avec des Enfants - Loëla
Région Sud-Ouest

7 Activities to do in Pau with Children

“Mamaaaa!! What do we do today ?? ". If you're tired of hearing this refrain, we've compiled the list of the best activities to do in Pau with your children. Summer or winter, your little ones need to stretch their legs, and so do you! Depending on the weather, it will be outdoors or indoors, the choice is yours! Whether you're on vacation in Pau or weekend, boredom is over and there's room for discovery and adventure. and family fun! 🚸

1. The Forest of Vert'Tiges 🌳

At the gates of Pau, in the hundred-year-old forest behind the Sers estate, is the Forêt des Vert' Stems! In a magnificent oak grove populated by trees of dizzying heights, there are 12 tree climbing courses. Whether for toddlers from 3 years old, or for the most intrepid adrenaline seekers, you will find something to occupy the whole little family !

La Forêt des Vert'Tiges Pau

The rope course 💪

12 courses in the trees of different difficulties will please your budding Mowgli and Tarzan. Giant zip lines, weighbridge, suspended liana, net course, there is something for all acrobats. The duration and level of difficulty are indicated before each course. Good to know, the routes are not timed, you can stay as long as you want!

The barefoot trail 👣

This is an activity for young and old from 2 years old! You will spend a moment of fun with your family outdoors in the forest. You leave your shoes in the cloakroom and you go for a short walk of one hour, barefoot! Along the specially laid out path, you will discover original sensations thanks to surprising materials: sawdust, pebbles, clay, shavings, etc. A great experience!

2. The Eaux-Vives Pau Pyrenees Stadium 🌊

Ideally located as it can be reached from Pau city center in the blink of an eye, the Stade d'Eaux -Vives is the realm of paddle and board sports champions! For your visit to Béarn, it's a must! Although the French kayaking elite trains in these places, it is nonetheless perfectly suited (and strongly recommended) to all families! Whether it's for strolling, picnicking, walking or practicing a water activity, young and old are welcome.

Stade d'Eaux-Vives Pau Pyrénées

The nautical activities such as rafting and tubing are accessible to children from 10 years old and the other activities (hydrospeed, stand up paddle, air boat) from 12 years old.

Ideal for filling up on sthrills! Note that access to the center and around the river is free, only the activities are chargeable.

3. Picking Aragnon 🍅

Cueillette de l'Aragnon Pau

Kids love it ! For nearly 30 years, the Picking of Aragnon has been welcoming children to raise their awareness of growing and fruit picking, vegetables and flowers. The estate extends over more than 15 hectares and offers throughout the year to discover more than 60 varieties of fruits and vegetables.Grab a basket or wheelbarrow, explore the fields and orchards and shop! Wide variety of crops and sustainable agriculture: a 100% original activity that will please the whole family

4. Exotic Park 🐍

Exotic Park Lescar

In the medieval town of Lescar, a few minutes from Pau, Exotic Park allows you to discover insects, reptiles, birds and other mammals. This modern zoo welcomes you to a large 2-hectare park and allows you to see these specimens evolve in a large vivarium of 500 m2. You stroll around according to your desires to observe the fauna. The zoo even offers activities to discover the profession of animal caretaker. Very fun for your brats!

5. Mini-golf le Moulin ⛳️

Mini-golf Le Moulin Lons

The mini-golf le Moulin is located in Lons in the heart of a sports complex (particularly with the Aqualons pool and fitness trail). In a charming undergrowth, the mini-golf welcomes all ages and all levels on 18 playful courses. F.F.M. approved, if your children want to get into competition, thanks to the organized training tournaments, the French championships await them! Challenge, team spirit and relaxation with the family!

6. Beta-Block Escalation 🧗‍♀️

Beta-bloc escalade Pau

Initially used as a training practice for climbing, "bouldering" has become an activity in its own right. Beta-Bloc invites you to discover climbing without a rope, without a belay system, without a harness. A children's area (from 3 years old) fully adapted to the climbing of toddlers and a huge space of 700 m2 for all the rest of the family. Beginner or expert, young or old, you will discover climbing at several levels, several styles, independently or with a supervisor. A relaxation area is at your disposal with bar, restaurant. To discover!

7. The Little Train of Pau 🚂

Le Petit Train de Pau

It is indispensable and known all over the world! No, that's not true, we're getting carried away. The Petit Train de Pau is known to all Pau residents, and that's not bad 😉! It's a bit cliché to take the city tour by train, but I must admit that if you don't know Pau at all, the ride is worth it. The train goes through the must-see places in the city and if you have toddlers who don't walk much, then this solution is perfect! Château de Pau, Boulevard des Pyrénées, Place Royale, Parc Beaumont, the historic district of the château… Everything is there, in 40 minutes and with commentary!

This list of activities to do in Pau with children ends here! If with this, your children are still bored and you always beat your ears, I'm afraid I have no solution for you! (Well, yes, I have some, but they are too radical and not very legal) 😂 😂

If the weather is nice, you can also take them for a little (not too much) shopping in Pau or sit on the terrace sip a glass (of grenadine) opposite to the Pyrenees!

Have fun!


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