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Article: Travel Gadgets and Accessories: the essentials

Gadgets et Accessoires de Voyage : les indispensables - Loëla

Travel Gadgets and Accessories: the essentials

Only a few more hours and you'll be on your way to holidays! 🕔 In the air, on land or at sea, you will head for the sun or fresh air! Before activating your relax and lazy mode, it's time to pack your bags! You've dreamed of this stay, it would be a shame to ruin it by forgetting a few useful items well practices. To make the most of this holiday at thebeachormountain, we have listed below the essential travel gadgets and accessories to take in your luggage! 🧳 ✈️

Glasses, a hat, a beanie: the ultimate travel accessories

Protect yourself in style as soon as the sun appears with the essential travel accessory for women: a pair of sunglasses! 🕶️ They are much more than a fashion item, they are a holiday must-have! sunglasses protect our eyes from U.V. rays as well as light during a stay at the beach or in the mountains. It is therefore essential to provide a pair, but not just any pair! Combine protection and style with a beautiful frame to wear on the terrace of a trendy bar, on your beach towel by the water or even during a mountain hike. Opt for the frame of your choice among different models: round, square, butterfly, aviator, etc. XXL and imposing pairs of sunnies are currently in vogue!

chapeau et lunettes de soleil

Are you escaping to hot countries? Your holidays rhyme with sea, beach and sunbathing? Don't forget your hat to avoid sunburn! 👒 Traveling to the big cold? Swap your summer hat for a cozy and warm headgear: a wool hat! Choose a pretty model and enjoy wearing it during your stay or weekend. It would be unfortunate to fall ill during this period! In addition to being useful, these essential travel accessories bring a touch of pep to an outfit: the perfect combo for the holidays !

chapeau noir Loëla

A practical handbag for your outings and activities

Whether travel or not, the purse remains a essential fashion piece to accessorize our looks as well as to carry all our personal belongings and bric-a-brac! But on holidays, the choice of bag will not be the same. It all depends on your destination: city trip in Europe, relaxing weekend in a cold country, getaway in the tropics, etc. Think practical and trendy to find the perfect travel accessory!

If you're going on a holiday by the sea, bet on a tote bag or a wicker basket. Take it easily to the beach and slip in all your essentials: beach towel, sunscreen, glasses and magazine. When hiking in mountains or sporting activity, use backpacks.In addition to offering you great comfort, these accessories are also at the forefront of trends: a stylish backpacker look guaranteed! Finally, for strolling around town or going out with friends to a bar, adopt a modern, metallic clutch or mini belt bag! These chic and elegant pieces will enhance your holiday outfits! Do you prefer bohemian and romantic looks? Opt for a fringed bag and a golden chain!

sac à franges Loëla

For your purchases and expenses during your stay, don't forget to bring a nice purse or wallet ! It's an essential accessory for traveling and moving around with ease with your papers. Choose it according to its size, practicality and design! 👛

porte-monnaie Mila Louise

A lunch box to take everywhere: a very useful travel accessory

Have you planned any tourist visits during your stay? Go on a mop with peace of mind and no longer worry about the meal! Picnic by a mountain stream or at the foot of a creek with a lunch bo x 🍱 ! This meal box allows you to take your snacks or meals anywhere. It is an essential travel kit for backpackers and nature lovers! You no longer need to go to a restaurant or buy a bland sandwich on the spot! Prepare a delicious balanced meal for the whole family in advance, store it in this on-the-go box and enjoy wherever you are! Cook healthy recipes such as an avocado and salmon poke bowl, vegan wraps or a fruit salad for dessert. Opt for this inexpensive accessory and set off on an adventure with your ready-to-eat meals!

Practical, economical, light and compact, the lunch box will be your ally for easily transporting your lunch: a well-deserved relaxing meal break after an outdoor outing ! It is also an eco-friendly meal solution, since you use sustainable containers and avoid the use of disposable food packaging. This is an important point for us! At Loëla, we are committed to the environment and have implemented concrete actions to reduce our ecological impact. 🍃

Lunch box de voyage

A waterproof camera and a selfie stick: the perfect travel gadgets!

If your smartphone is not the latest generation, take in your suitcase this essential travel accessory: a camera 📷 to keep track of your super stay with quality photos! There is no question of forgetting it at home! Capture the most beautiful landscapes of snow-capped mountains, remarkable cliffs, atypical cities or even heavenly and idyllic beaches! Create a vacation photo album as soon as you return to share your incredible adventure with your friends and loved ones.

To make sure you don't miss anything on your trip, you need a quality camera that's lightweight and has a good battery. Space-saving, this accessory perfectly immortalizes your visits and unusual experiences. You can carry it easily during your hikes. Do you plan to explore the beauty of the seabed? A waterproof camera allows you to photograph the aquatic fauna and flora.Are you traveling with friends or family? Capture the moment and your fun moments with a selfie stick This travel gadget will be your partner for all your outings!

Appareil photo

On the day of the big departure, if you accidentally forget one of these objects, you will regret it! Thanks to this checklist of the best travel gadgets and accessories, go on your vacation with peace of mind and live experiences and adventures intense! 😍


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